20 Best Meme Templates from Bollywood Songs That are Relatable AF

Bollywood songs cover a wide range of emotions, from romance to heartbreaks, and the lyrics convey everything, from thumkas to jhumkas. This variety also makes it possible to create very relatable meme templates from Bollywood songs.


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Here are the 20 best meme templates from Bollywood songs that are funny and relatable:

1. When I have smoked 2 joints and my roomie asks me to get some water
Mere haalat aise hai ke main kuch kar nahi sakta

2. Librandus every time after Modi Ji wins an election
Aao kho jaye hum ho jaye hum yun lapata

3. Me waiting in a busy Kirana store to get something and the shopkeeper is busy with other customers: Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahe

4. When I scroll swiggy/zomato for 30 minutes and still order a dosa every time
Me to Dosa:
Tum pe hi aakar rukta hu

5. Me to Autowalas as soon as I step out of the railway station
Kyu aage piche dolte ho bhawro ki tarah

6. Me: I’m enjoying my life
Elo ji sanam hum aa gaye

7. People to each other in the year 2020:
Tum hi dekho na, yeh kya ho gaya

8. Nobody:
My brain at 3 am:
Bheli chi nagin ne gaali, Munna ve dora a laagla

9.  When I see any empty bottle on the road
14 years old me:
C’mon baby kick it kick it

10. When I haven’t spoken to my roomie because he is busy on the phone
with his girlfriend all the time:
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya farak hai

11. Protestors after blocking roads/higways
Jaane nahi denge tujhe, jaane nahi denge tujhe

12. Me: God! When will everyone stop posting wedding pictures
Le couples:
Abhi toh aur chalega

13- Girlfriend: Kis se baat kar rahe the?
Me: Cousin se kar raha tha
Ho nahi skta.. ho nahi sakta

14. Nobody:
My Pet dog to slippers:
Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai

15. Landlord on 1st day of the month: Paiisa de

16. 14 yr old me after seeing my English teacher: Saanse jaaye atak atak

17. 20 years old me after smoking up for the first time: Udta hi firu in hawao me kahin

18.  Me and my homies watching JCB ki khudai together

19. 10 years old me after stealing 1 Rs from dad’s pocket
Mujhe maaf karna Om sai ram

20. When you are from the general category and still get a government job
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi

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So how did it feel seeing your favourite Bollywood songs in the form of memes that resonate with your life? Tell us your favourite meme template from the Bollywood songs listed above.

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