15 Best International Trips From India Under INR 40,000


Travel indeed is a mind opening experience. Places you visit can transform you from within, leaving a permanent mark on your soul. If it were up to some of us, we’d travel all year round to every corner of the world. But there is one problem. This six letter word called budget. Because let’s face it -traveling isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby. No matter how frugal you are, it is likely that you will need a lot of money to fulfill your travel ambitions, especially if you plan to explore international destinations.


While fancy places like Paris and Rome will cost you a fortune, there are plenty of awesome international destinations your passport can take you which won’t necessarily burn a hole in your wallet.

Here are 15 best international trips under INR 40,000 that you can take without breaking the bank. Yep, they cost less than your fancy phone and the memories of them will last forever.


Traveling abroad doesn’t get any cheaper than a trip to Thailand and that’s probably the reason why it is the most preferred international destination for Indians. Despite being low on budget, Thailand has it all – beaches, mountains, culture, food, and more. If you love water sports, head to Krabi, which is heaven for adventure lovers.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹17,000, from Delhi and Mumbai
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹500/night.

James Bond Island, Thailand
Image Source: Michael Kafka (Flickr)


A visual delight, Bhutan will leave you mesmerized. Tucked away in the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan is the land of mysticism, spirituality, and culture. It is a delight for any nature lover or spirituality seeker. Take local buses or a bike ride or trek to your heart’s delight here.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹16,000, from Delhi and Mumbai
Accommodation: Guesthouses for as low as ₹500/night.

Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, Bhutan
Image Source: V.Kovac (Flickr)


South East Asia has loads to offer, and Indonesia is a great example. Made up of thousands of volcanic islands, it is home to hundreds of ethnic groups and hence a cultural melting pot. From Jakarta to Sumatra, there is a vast abundance of tourist destinations ranging from beaches, old temples, markets and wildlife tours. And it is incredibly pocket-friendly!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹25,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹500/night.

Pura Ulun Danu, Bali – Indonesia
Image Source: Chris Alexander (Flickr)

Sri Lanka

While it’s virtually our next door neighbor, Sri Lanka will surprise you. Waiting for you are endless pristine beaches, enchanting historical ruins and a colonial charm that will leave you mesmerized. Also on offer is delicious food which you mustn’t miss.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹20,000, from Delhi, Cheaper from Kochi.
Accommodation: Options for as low as ₹900/night.

Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka
Image Source: Joshua Paul Shefman (Flickr)


You may not know this but Cambodia is actually quite stunning. With a rich cultural heritage, there are plenty of historical wonders for you to explore here. Your trip won’t be complete without a walk through the ruins of Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple complex built during the Khmer Empire. Best part? It is well within your budget!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹25,000, from Delhi and Mumbai.
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹700.

Image Source: world4photos (Flickr)


Vietnam is another destination in the Indo-Chinese peninsula that will leave you enchanted. Despite its war-ravaged past, with plentiful historical monuments, natural beauty, tranquil beaches and great food, it is indeed a paradise in disguise.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹18,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹400.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Image Source: Gerard (Flickr)


It may seem expensive but Singapore can be explored for as low as ₹40,000. A modern-day tourist heaven, Singapore offers nature walks, beach tours, art, and wildlife tours to keep you entertained besides the more obvious city life. Also waiting for you is loads of shopping and some lip-smacking street food!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹27,000, from Delhi and Mumbai.
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹600.

Image Source: Anthony Kernich (Flickr)

The United Arab Emirates


Want a taste of luxury on a budget? Head to Dubai! From awe-inspiring malls to jaw-dropping architectural wonders, UAE has it all. With a brilliant public transport network, local travel is effortless. While here, don’t miss the desert safari at any cost!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹12,000, from Delhi and Mumbai.
Accommodation: Hotels for as low as ₹2,000/night.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Image Source: Asif Ali Yousafzai (Flickr)


Our next door neighbor Nepal is an obvious budget holiday choice and rightfully so. Nestled amidst the majestic ranges of Himalayas, it is home to massive peaks, breath-taking landscapes, and mighty mountains that can leave any nature lover enraptured. But also on offer is great culture and history, along with budget shopping thanks to plentiful imports from China. Oh, the food is great too!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹12,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Star hotels for as low as ₹1,500/night.

Mustang, Nepal
Image Source: Alex (Flickr) 


You probably didn’t think Oman will be on this list but it is. Wondering why to visit this jewel in the Persian Gulf? Muscat is one big reason. Its cultural heritage and mesmerizing history will transfix you, while the pristine beaches and lively markets will make you lose yourself. We know you won’t miss it, but we’d still ask you not to miss Muscat’s Grand Mosque and a desert safari while you are here.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹17,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Many budget options for ₹2,000/night and less.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman
Image Source: rosskevin756 (Flickr)


Another next-door neighbor of ours, Bangladesh finds a mention in our list for its abundant archaeological sites, historical monuments, brimming cities, scenic landscapes, lush forests and rolling tea gardens. It is also dirt cheap, so that’s a bonus!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹10,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Hotels for as low as ₹1,000/night.

St. Martin’s Island – Bangladesh
Image Source: Shajib (Flickr) 


Also known as “Formosa”, Taiwan has everything a tourist could ask for – from mountains and historical monuments to bustling nightlife and fantastic street food.  While here, a trip to Taroko National Park with its stunning marble mountains and lush green forests is a must.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹25,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Stay options for as low as ₹900/night.

Taipei 101, Taiwan
Image Source: Kenny Teo (Flickr) 


You’ve had the food and now it’s your turn to see the country. Despite all the political unrest, this Mediterranean country has lots to attract you – incredibly rich history, yummy food, buzzing cities, chic nightlife and breathtaking seascapes and mountains. Beirut, its capital, is no wonder called the Paris of the Middle East!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹23,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹1,000/night.

Baalbek Temple, Lebanon
Image Source: Paul Saad (Flickr)


Head here for a beach holiday like no other. With its pristine sandy beaches to its crystal clear ocean waters, this country will take your breath away. There isn’t much to do here except for lounging in its tropical paradise and you would love it! Like adventure? You can indulge in diving or snorkeling!

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹22,000, from Delhi.
Accommodation: Hotels for as low as ₹1,000/night.

Image Source: Petr Melnikov (Flickr)


We have saved the best for the last. Yes, your dream holiday to Egypt can be cheap, if you are careful with your spending. While the grand pyramids need no introduction, there is more to do. Check out the numerous historical monuments, museums and more, or look for knick-knacks and spices at its many street bazaars.

Round Trip Cost: Around ₹26,000 from Delhi, cheaper from Mumbai
Accommodation: Stay options as low as ₹1,000/night.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Image Source: A.Baibars (Flickr) 

While there are many more exotic yet lesser known countries you can visit on a shoestring budget, these are the most prominent and tourist friendly and therefore, great to start your international sojourn. Let us know where you’d head first in the comments below.


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