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Kuwait Airways, which is the airline that is the national carrier of Kuwait founded in 1954. Its principal office is located in the Kuwait International Airport. It is owned by the Al Farwaniyah governorate, which is also the only proprietor of the airline. It provides regularly scheduled service to India as well as a variety of other countries in the middle east. The initial destinations offered by the airline included Damascus, Jerusalem, Abadan and Beirut. Because of its excellent services and low international airfare there was a rise in both the number of aircrafts it flies as well as its destinations following its introduction. However, the growth of the airline was met with many challenges in the aftermath of the invasion of the country in Iraq. However, the airline was able to revive it’s self in the nick of time and quickly began to achieve new levels.

Staff with Skillful Services

The process of booking tickets on this airline is simply by visiting a variety of websites that show Kuwait Airways flight schedule and the availability of tickets. A ticket with this airline will also provide passengers with top-quality services in the flight. The attendants and crew on board strive to provide hassle-free travel, particularly for long-haul flights, as they involve the crossing of time zones, which can sometimes be tiring. Apart from the standard amenities that are provided, the best security is provided to passengers who require assistance during traveling. In addition, there is an option for children who are unaccompanied taking flights with the airline. Travelers with extra luggage are also permitted to reserve additional seats in which they can alter their luggage.

At present, the airline provides flights to more than 40 international destinations in more than 25 countries that span across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The majority of flights depart from the hub airports. Additionally, the airline also has agreements for codeshare with major airlines like Etihad as well as Air India. With a fleet of Airbus, along with Boeing flights, The aircraft used by this airline has an average age of around 20 years. Numerous new routes are being developed to connect the most important locations around the globe.

Due to the worldwide range of its destinations it is possible to book in accordance with the travel needs of the passengers. The popular airline has been specialized at connection of Dubai with the rest of the world offering a wide range of flights that fly to and from this popular destination for vacation. As an example, there are many of Delhi to Dubai flights that take travelers who are from the Indian subcontinent over to Dubai.

This airline provides special services to its clients on Cheap Flights from Kuwait International Airport. Kuwait International Airport. Mahareb Services, which is the name of this service is available both for solo travelers as well as for groups. For access to these services, advance booking must be made through the airline, and there is an additional cost to cover it. The transport for passengers is available to take passengers from their residences and to airports. Assistance is offered in the finalization of procedures for travel such as baggage check and issuing tickets to board to ensure a pleasant and stress-free traveling experience.

Travel to Kuwait the Kuwaiti Code of Conduct

Prior to booking your flight to Kuwait It is essential to know the social norms used by the locals. This will ensure that you are not infringing on any cultural rules while visiting the country. Here are some guidelines about the expected conduct in Kuwait:

  1. Etiquette for greetings: Handshakes are a common greeting method used across the United States, however, they are typically between people who share the same sexuality. Therefore, if you’re greeting someone who is of a different sexuality, try greeting them at a distance. Giving the locals a present that represents your business or country is a great gesture and an expression of love Chinatraveltop.
  1. Dressing customs: The majority of Kuwaitis dress in traditional clothes including head covers. It is essential for the Kuwaitis to dress modestly and showing legs in public areas is considered to be inappropriate.
  2. Smoking: It is common to see signs that read “No Smoking” at a variety of locations in Kuwait. Kuwaitis adhere to all laws strictly and foreign visitors are required to adhere to the same. The illegal use of drugs or alcohol, as well as other prohibited items could result in imprisonment along with a huge fine.
  3. Sexuality: Sexuality: Homosexuality is a crime in Kuwait like it is in countries that are not in the Middle Eastern countries. Similar to that, any display of sexual affection between males and females is considered to be obscene and could land you in trouble.
  4. Language: Local people are generally friendly and speak fluently in English. But, it’s appreciated if you take some effort to master the smallest Arabic words, for instance, the most basic greeting.

Do your research ahead of time to ensure that your trip will be memorable. When you’re ready, then go to the site of your travel agent to book travel to Kuwait. IKB Travel, a leading UK travel agency, handles all the burden of your travel arrangements from ticket reservation to lodging. If you want to book your flight ticket to Kuwait through them, go to

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