12 Insanely Innovative Methods Students Use to Cheat in Exams

You know what’s the worst thing ever? No Internet, of course! But exams are a close second. The stress, the anxiety and no mobile phone for three hours. YIKES! Sometimes, despite slaving away for hours memorizing those theorems and formulae (or because of being a total lazy bum who Netflix and chill-ed instead of studying), your mind draws a complete blank. And that’s when having those little tricks up your sleeve comes to your rescue. Yes, we are talking about the terrible thing called cheating. It’s the last resort for some, while for others, it is the only way of scraping through those God awful tests. Some of us have actually aced the science of cheating, and have come up with creative AF methods that’ll make your jaws drop (and take notes).

Here are 12 insanely innovative methods students use to cheat in exams. You’re welcome!

1) Copying answers on ridiculously small scraps of paper

Exam pass nahin hua then secretary ka job pakka

2) Turning into a spy overnight
“Jagga Jasoos ain’t got nothing on me!”

3) Begging and pleading for those notes you (conveniently) didn’t make

And then photo copying the f**k out of them

4) Acing sign language

“Scratch your nose for ‘A’, pull your ear for ‘B’, ok?”

5) Thumbing your way to scoring an A

“Bhai, samajh aaya na?”

6) Coordinating pee breaks to get those answers

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

7) Making besties with that class nerd

“Yaar, pass kara dio!”

8) Making things official with that tie

Because cheating is a serious business

9) Putting that hated uniform to use

That’s called fashion with a purpose!

10) Fighting over the best cheat seat

A real life case of GOT!

11) Making the pen your savior

Kyunki pen is mightier than sword. And it can help you slay that exam!

12) Finally, just hoping for a miracle

And praying for an unsuspecting examiner!

These inventive methods really make you believe that nakal ke liye akal chahiye. Let us know about lengths you’ve gone to cheat on an exam in the comments section below.

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