10 Most Popular and Captivating Chinese Dramas of 2022

Chinese dramas are known to be world-class entertainers. They hold the key to our hearts when it comes to cute romances and actions. Not only that but Chinese dramas often venture into unexampled plotlines and unexplored paths. They are widely recognized for period dramas which are amongst the most liked by their audience. The vast diversity that these dramas hold makes them a must-watch. Let’s take a look at how 2022 panned out for Chinese dramas. Here is a list of the top 10 Chinese Dramas of 2022!

1. Time And Him Are Just Right 

Time and Him are just right is a romantic drama directed by Chen Rong Hui and is based on an online novel by Jiang Mu Tong. It is a high school love story with the usual but beloved plot- the bubbly extroverted girl falls in love with a tough-reserved guy who comes off as standoffish. The love story sparks when both of them have to prepare for the college entry exams (known to be the toughest exams in the world) and have to work hard to achieve the grades they want and stay together.

2. My girlfriend is an alien Pt. 2 

The second part of the very famous romantic fantasy drama was released in 2022 and the audience couldn’t have been happier. The story continues from where the 1st part left off- with Chai Xiao Qi (who is an alien) getting ready to marry Fang Leng (a normal human she falls for when her spaceship crashes on earth). However, the happy ending takes a U-turn when Chai Xiao Qi is abducted by her assigned mate from her planet. While she tries her best to escape, Chai Xiao ends up using the wrong wormhole and travels back in time where Fang Leng doesn’t remember her- creating a whole array of new problems. Watch My girlfriend is an alien Pt.2 only on Viki Rakuten to find out what she does to win him back.

3. Lighter and Princess

Ah, another enemies-to-lovers trope. Chinese dramas do it the best and Lighter and Princess is proof. What will happen when an innocent girl who does as told falls in love with a computer programmer who doesn’t understand the human emotion of love? And just when a warm cute love story begins to take off- these two have to undergo the test of life… Moreover, Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi make for the most pleasant visuals. It’s one of the best Chinese dramas of 2022 that will make you not want to take your eyes off the screen.

 4. Destined to Meet You 

Destined to Meet you is a romantic comedy which deserves a shoutout for its mind-blowing plot. It involves romance but with a twist. Jin Rong Rong, the general manager of a business who is in competition with her own brother to become the CEO of the conglomerate devises a strategy to be able to get an upper hand in this competition. She plans to convince Gu Cong Bei, the son of another prominent business and a college student, who saves Jin and spends the night with her to marry her. The love story is however not that simple. Watch Destined to Meet You on Viki Rakuten to find out!

5. Chasing the undercurrent 

Chasing the Undercurrent is a thrilling crime/ mystery drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. It includes a series of unexpected and flabbergasting revelations throughout the series which keep the show alive and active. There’s never a dull moment in the show and it will have you trapped in the plotline with the amazing performances by Johnny Huang and Tonny Yang. It is easily the best Chinese Drama of 2022 in the crime genre.

6. The oath of love 

Based on the novel written by Bolin Shi Jiang, The Oath of love is a story of how life isn’t bad all the time. A young girl finds herself in distress when she has to decline a job offer to take care of her ailing father who suddenly fell ill. To add to her misery, her boyfriend too breaks up with her, leaving her completely alone in such tough times. However, things start to look up when the doctor who is in charge of treating her father and the young girl start getting to know each other. It is the story of two broken individuals who find love despite going through the tests life keeps throwing at them.

7. The Autumn Ballad

There was no way we would miss adding a period drama to the list of the best Chinese Dramas of 2022 and The Autumn Ballad deserves that place. It is the perfect blend of drama, romance and strong will. It follows the story of how a young determined daughter of an influential scholar of ancient times sets out to clear her name of the mistrust attached to it. she aims to prove herself worthy of the fair treatment she has been denied under the pretext of being the daughter of a concubine. She seeks the help of the head inspector of the Government’s investigative agency and forms a friendship with him which soon turns into love.

8. Love like the galaxy 

Love like the Galaxy is again a period drama that is worth a mention. This time the roles of a reserved boy and bubbly girl are reversed and we have with us a stubborn and untrusting young girl and a General who falls in love with her at the first sight. Ling Bu Yi, the General pursues Cheng Shao Shang, the girl for marriage but is told off by her. Nevertheless, they do form a friendship and together they set out to find Ling Bu Yi’s true identity and to reveal secrets that were previously unknown even to him. Love like the Galaxy is available on Viki Rakuten.

9. She and her perfect husband

She and Her perfect husband is an entertaining watch with the most twists you can find in a plotline. it follows the story of how Qin Shi lies on her resume about being married to get into her dream law firm. To keep up with the lie she actually gets married to Yang Hua which only causes more trouble to the both of them. Watch She and Her Perfect Husband to find out more!

10. A lifelong journey

China has had a long history of struggles. A lifelong journey is a narration of a common family’s journey through these struggles- through the period of the Cultural Revolution and the One-child policy. It has won several accolades and is a critically acclaimed drama. One of the best Chinese dramas of 2022!


From the most charming and tender romance to the most fast-paced and gripping action, Chinese dramas have it all! These were the audience’s favourite in 2022 and you can surely check these out if you want something new to watch! Here’s to hoping that 2023 has dramas just as exciting and entertaining as these ones!

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