10 Best Chinese Martial Art Movies Dubbed In Hindi You Will Enjoy

Because of its rich history of kung fu, wuxia, and samurai dramas, Asian cinema is synonymous with action. Asian martial arts have recently gained popularity in Hollywood because of films like The Matrix and John Wick. At the same time, there hasn’t been much in the way of new martial arts talent. Chinese martial art movies are no different. Here we have a list of the best Chinese martial art movies dubbed in Hindi for you to enjoy! Happy watching!


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1. Ninja Shadow Of A Tear
Casey Bowman, a martial artist, decides to settle down with his pregnant wife, Namiko. However, after she is murdered by a gang of muggers, he embarks on a brutal quest for vengeance.

2. The Final Master
A mixed martial arts instructor makes the decision to create his own school and teach others. But first, he intends to overcome the leaders of eight other schools to demonstrate his abilities.

3. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
Following his devastating loss to the legendary Ip Man, a martial artist decides to retire. However, he found himself in the crosshairs of a prominent drug smuggler of foreign descent due to a variety of reasons.

4. Bleeding Steel
While attempting to apprehend a mecha-enhanced criminal, special agent Lin Dong discovers that his missing daughter is a participant in a deadly biochemical experiment.

5. Mojin: The Lost Legend
Three tomb raiders leave their jobs and relocate to New York to live out their days. They are, however, asked to return to duty in order to determine the cause of a loved one’s death.

6. 14 Blades
Commander Qinglong is the devoted head of the emperor’s assassination squad. However, he is put in jeopardy when his allies plot a mutiny against the emperor. This is one of the best Chinese martial arts movies dubbed in hindi!

7. Dragon Blade
Tiberius, a ruthless Roman general, sends his army to seize the Silk Road. Huo An, the Silk Road Protection Squad’s captain, joins up with elite defected Roman troops to thwart him.

8. Sword Master
Shao-Feng, a swordsman, abandons his deadly expertise in favour of mundane existence. When his opponent, Yen Shisan, and his ex-fiancee, Mu-Yung Chiu-Ti, set out to find him, his past comes up with him.

9. IP Man: Kung Fu Master
Ip Man is framed for the death of a tough but honest mobster, and his violent daughter seeks vengeance. Ip is forced to quit as a police captain, and he must also deal with the Japanese army’s presence in Guangzhou, China.

10. Birth Of The Dragon
Bruce Lee is a martial arts instructor who aspires to be a powerful person in the future. When he is given the chance to face Wong Jack Man, a kung fu expert, he seizes the opportunity.

This was our list of the best Chinese martial art movies dubbed in Hindi. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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