These 10 Chup Chup Ke Meme Templates Are As Funny As The Movie


A Bollywood comedy from Priyadarshan, Chup Chup Ke is one of the gems from the golden era of hindi comedies. From Bandya’s (Rajpal Yadav) misfortune to Gundya’s one-liners, Chup Chup ke meme templates have been loved by the audiences as much as the movie.


While the movie did well on the box office at the time of its release, it became popular with its telecast on Indian Television channels several times. Since the advent of the meme culture on Indian internet and social media, this movie has also become one of the favorites of memers and social media audiences to describe news and everyday life situations. If you are a regular on social media and twitter, it is very unlikely that you would have not seen Chup Chup Ke memes.

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We bring you some of the most popular Chup Chup Ke meme templates on the internet.

1. Nobody:
Audience to reality shows contestants:

When Dad is doing grocery shopping for the month
14 year old me:

2. When at a party a friend says, Bhai, Meri Wali Alag hai.
Drunk me:

3. Me who is trying to book train tickets in one go
IRCTC server:


4. Dad: Kitni baar bola hai subah jaldi utha kar

5. 14 years old, me asking for my favorite Prasad from Pandit ji.

6. *Tiktok gets banned in India*


7. When you are fighting with corona and gets a news about a new virus originating in China

8. Mummy: Cooker ki 2 seeti hone par gas band kar dena
Elder sibling:  Baitha kya hai, ek glass paani le na
Le younger sibling:

9. Nobody:
My CV in a nutshell:

10. *Weekend exists*
The client starts delegating work:

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Did we miss any of the other hilarious Chup Chup Ke meme templates? Comment below and we will add it to this list.

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