20 Best Corona Lockdown Memes To Take You Through The Quarantine Period


The past few weeks have been rather challenging for our country with the number of corona virus cases increasing every single day and a state of lock down that has completely affected normal lives and livelihood of the people. However, it is great to see that the country and especially netizens haven’t lost their smiles and sense of humor even in these tough times. From the Janta curfew on 22nd March to the days of lockdown, the internet has been flooded with funny memes, messages and tweets about the current scenario.


We bring you the most humorous corona virus lockdown memes to cheer you up as you spend days in quarantine and at your homes.

1. With no time and space for gyms, morning walks and outdoor physical activity, even wonder woman could put on some extra kilos

2. While DD National is re-telecasting Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana after almost 32 years, we are reminded of the first ever lockdown. And the lesson: If you do not follow it, you suffer! 

3. The story of this lockdown would be incomplete without the mention of the ‘Thali’ and ‘Diya’ tasks 

4. True Story! 

5. For the Mumbaikars…

6. The ‘Because of No Pollution’ memes that rocked the internet esp after Himalayan ranges were visible from Jalandhar due to clean air – a non-intentional positive impact of the lockdown

7. When people expected the lockdown to end on April 14 but it was extended till May 3

8. Well, for a lot of us this was not the first lockdown. We saw it during our exams

9. How many of you have lost track of which week of the day it is? This lockdown meme is exactly how our days are passing

10. Modi Ji’s Task No. 1: Some people clapped and the others came to the balcony to just see who are the ones clapping


11. Going out in these days is as good as walking to a war…This lockdown meme conveys the feeling


12. Another “Due to less air pollution” meme…

13. The lockdown has undoubtedly been a nightmare for those who love drinking and smoking

14. What the country felt after the lockdown was extended…

15. Lol…

16. I am looking for all those who wished me a great 2020…

17. We hope atleast a few smokers quit during this lockdown

18. From cooking to details that got missed, Quarantine taught us a lot…

19. Anarkali – The first case quarantined person of India

20. Corona virus itself would be disappointed seeing Indians making a joke of the deadly virus

While you can give a hearty laugh and smile after watching these Coronavirus memes, let’s not forget that thousands are also at risk with the spread of COVID-19. so, Stay at Home & Stay Safe during the lockdown!

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