Cricket Fever Made Fans Book Hospital Beds In Ahmedabad For India-Pakistan ODI World Cup

Cricket is not just a game but a festival in India. People celebrate cricket and worship crickets. Naturally, the craze for cricket matches, especially World Cup, would be paramount. Imagine if the match is with our favourite rival, Pakistan and that too ODI World Cup, on top of that, the match takes place in India. Fans would go crazy and that is exactly what happened.

People have booked hospital beds to attend India-Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023  as all the hotel rooms in Ahmedabad are booked.

Cricket Lovers Go to Bizarre Lengths

Cricket lovers would do anything to watch the India-Pakistan match live in Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad on 15th October 2023.  As the hotels in Ahmedabad were already booked by cricket enthusiasts, the last resort was to book hospital beds to find accommodation. People were willing to pay for deluxe rooms as well at a higher price to find a bed. 

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The hotels are anyway charging 10-20 percent above the original price and some even started charging more than double the price. People were quick to find a solution to this by booking hospital beds. This actually served them two purposes- they could get accommodation and have their health check-up done as well.

What Do the Hospitals Say Regarding This?

Dr. Paras Shah who works at an Ahmedabad hospital shared his experience with the Ahmedabad Mirror. He said people are booking rooms in hospitals to stay in Ahmedabad during the India-Pakistan match. They are asking for a full body check-up that will allow them to get their stay and also reduce health costs in the future. People would even book a suite and deluxe rooms if need be.

Reactions from Netizens

Peak cricket fans be like.

100 % use of Brain!

Some people are even ready to sleep at the Railway station.

This incident is funny as well as bizarre. It just shows how Indians would do anything to watch India Pakistan Match live in the stadium. That is the craze for cricket in India.

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