14 Priceless Cricket Memes That’ll Make you go LOL


Without a doubt, cricket is the most popular sport in India. Every year, millions of Indians tune in to their TV sets to watch their favourite men in blue fight it out in the gentlemen’s game. While of late there has been some push for other sports as well (especially with Indian Hockey team’s performance at the Olympics), there’s no way cricket will be dethroned any time soon. Because of how widely watched cricket is in India, it also brings in an insane amount of revenue. This means that channels are always looking for more content to monetize. With more and more people watching cricket on OTT platforms, it’s easier for otherwise blink and miss moments to get noticed, get memefied, and even go viral. With that, we bring you 14 cricket memes you should consider keeping in your arsenal.


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1. When your favourite chip flavour gets discontinued by the company:

2. When your mother takes your side during a fight with your sibling:

3. A photo of me begging my professor to accept my late submission, c. 2021, colorized.

4. When mummy tells you she packed maggi for lunch but it’s actually sevai:

5. When you take a nap because you’re too exhausted from sleeping all day:

6. When you forgot doing your homework but the teacher is on leave:

7. My best friend and I looking at the teacher scolding someone else for something we did:


8. My mother looking at me when I smile at my phone:

9. When that one friend who always seemed like a loser finds a really hot girlfriend:

10. When your lab partner is the topper of the class:

11. Me trying to brave through an online class at 9 am:

12. When your US-return uncle brings you firangi chocolates:

13. When someone asks you to describe your experience in 2021:

14. When the teacher appoints your best friend as class monitor: 

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