8 Cricketers With Humble Backgrounds Who Made It Big

In a country, where cricket is the most predominant religion, every single child playing gully cricket dreams to don Blue Jersey and make it big. However, only a few posses the mettle, attitude and passion to live their dreams. Only a few are able to take the international stage, represent India and become a household name even in the farthest corners of the country. Here are the tales of 8 cricketers with humble backgrounds who made it big, braved all adversities and followed their dreams to achieve glory.

1. M.S. Dhoni- From ticket collector to the captain of Indian cricket team

cricketers-who-made-big (1)

2. Virender Sehwag- From struggling to train to being the first to hit 300

cricketers-who-made-big (2)

3. Mohammed Shami- Financially weak when young, has now emerged as a fantastic bowler

cricketers-who-made-big (9)

4. Wasim Jaffer- Came from a family with limited means, now a record holder

cricketers-who-made-big (8)

5. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar- Didn’t have money to buy shoes, now a fantastic bowler of the team India

cricketers-who-made-big (7)

6. Ravindra Jadeja- Financially unstable when young, is now one of India’s leading players

cricketers-who-made-big (6)

7. Harbhajan Singh- Struggled with money to survive, now holds over 680 wickets under his name

cricketers-who-made-big (5)

8. Umesh Yadav- Came from a financially weak family, is now one of the prominent players of the team

cricketers-who-made-big (4)

It’s surprising to see how these excellent sportsmen were once struggling to survive. But with their diligence, perseverance, and winner attitude, they unfolded into cricket superstars. Their life stories inspire us and ignite the spirit of victory in us.

What do you think of these humble cricketers who made it big? Do you think we’re missing out on any? Do let us know.

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