Crossing Fashion Houses with Technology Is a Trend For 2022

Collaboration of fashion houses with digital

It has long been an open secret that technology improves every area and simplifies many of life’s issues, from ordering food to getting information quickly. In the field of fashion, technology also has a place, and this niche is actively growing every day.

Collections made or presented with the help of modern technology are becoming a traditional practice rather than a surprising innovation. Digitalization has touched the entertainment field, making India online casino one of the most popular portals.

The most trendy creations

  • “Laser” clothes. Laser is a universal invention, applicable in different fields: medicine, engineering, and, as practice shows, even in fashion. The laser makes minor cuts in fabrics (mostly suede or leather) to create unique and unique lace patterns. With this technology, clothing manufacturers and fashion houses can reduce the time spent making clothes and the effort. The designs are exceptionally symmetrical and precise.
  • Skiin underwear. Smart sneakers, T-shirts, and T-shirts are no longer a phenomenon. But as it turns out, there is even “smart” underwear. It was presented to the world at the world-famous consumer technology exhibition “CES 2018”. At first glance, it does not differ from ordinary underwear items, but it is all about a small button, which is located on the elastic band of underwear: there are six sensors in it. They record a person’s heartbeat, temperature, and pressure. In addition, the Skiin has motion sensors and weight fixation.
  • 3D printing: how to get sneakers out of a printer. 3D printing (getting a finished model from a particular printer) has become popular in the industrial sphere and the fashion industry. Designers can realize their most creative and extravagant fantasies thanks to three-dimensional design technologies when creating new fashion collections. For example, Iris van Herpen, a fashion designer from the Netherlands, started her line of shoes and clothing called “Haute Couture” thanks to 3D printing technology.

 Innovative fabrics in fashion

By cross-linking existing developments in the fashion sphere, experts create unusual and even high-tech fabrics with unique characteristics. Their list includes materials containing a ”paraffine microcapsule”, which is implanted, most often, in nylon. At room temperature, the paraffin melts to become liquid and stores heat. This technology could eliminate the need for down jackets and other winter clothing, but it requires significant refinement today.

Self-repairing fabrics – a new reserve in the fashion world

Recently, American scientists in the research produced a flexible material, which under the influence of ultraviolet rays, can self-repair on the site of damage. It is due to the combination of oxetane, organic chipotle, and synthetic polyurethane.

Fermented Tea Fabrics

Kombucha is, oddly enough, the latest technology in the modern fashion industry. Thanks to it, experts grow clothes from ordinary fermented tea. Designers who respect the vegan culture or support social movements to make the planet a cleaner place to practice and idolize this technology, immersing themselves in the creative process of creating fashionable masterpieces with plant-based fabrics.

Project Jacquard. The Smart Jacket from Google.

Google teamed up with Levi’s to present a “smart” jacket for cyclists. Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google was introduced at the Google I/O conference. The coat features Levi’s Commuter touchscreen interface. Google’s microsensor system is sewn into the product’s fabric, which can recognize touches and gestures over the sleeve. In addition, the jacket syncs with an app on the smartphone to notify the user of incoming calls and notifications.

Other smart clothes

Everyone dreams of things that help cope with difficulties and all sorts of nuances in the frantic rhythm of life. For example, our attention was attracted by an exclusively released collection of clothes Move by designer Jennifer Daimour. It was equipped with unique technology that allows the body to move correctly and monitor its posture (with mini-sensors implanted into the fabric). The perfect combination – beautiful and healthy!

Another example of “smart” clothing (or shoes) is Google Talking Shoes. These are sneakers that were developed jointly by such developed companies as Google and Adidas. They are designed to motivate and encourage people to be active. They can “swear” at their owner for low physical activity levels through a specially built-in speaker. In addition, this model of “talking shoes” accommodates a pedometer, Bluetooth, and a gyroscope.

In the fashion industry, digital is developing by leaps and bounds. Forced social distance has moved the shows to the digital environment, and the trends for conscious consumption and minimalism have pushed the world to the invention of digital clothes. 

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Digital Shows

Digital screenings tried to make their way into the industry back in 2017 – then, at Russian and New York Fashion Week, the brand Lumier Garson held a VR screening of a new collection. And attempts to entrench the trend of virtual shows continued until 2020 but did not go beyond PR projects.

For digital shows to finally gain a foothold in the industry, the Covid-19 pandemic had to happen. So in 2020, Prada, Malan Breton, and other brands moved their shows online. The fashion weeks in the capitals also took place in VR format.

The online space allowed brands and venues to go beyond the usual shows. For example, brands shared podcasts, photo diaries, and other creative content formats at Men’s Fashion Week in London. In addition, conservative Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was held online for the first time. Finally, Milano Fashion Week Digital added panel discussions on social networks to the classic online shows.

3D body model

Digital technology is designed to make life easier not only for consumers but also for manufacturers. For example, a 3D scanner for creating an exact human body avatar was presented at the Innoprom exhibition. Such a scanner will make it possible to take measurements and model clothes that fit the client’s size perfectly. And designing clothes in 3D will significantly simplify the production process itself.

Right now, such a machine costs about a million rubles, but we at Convergent believe that 3D scanning technology will become more affordable over time. Furthermore, the problem of choosing clothes by size is relevant for the whole fashion retail, so we can assume that one day there will be a 3D scanner in every phone, just like there is a digital roulette now.

In Hong Kong, 3D-scanning technology is already used in tailoring suits – the scanner can remove 120 measures in 10 seconds while the tailor takes 20-30 steps for the job. A suit made with this technology will fit like a natural fit and require many times fewer visits to the tailor’s shop.

Digital Clothing

Why buy the real thing if you only need one photo on Instagram? The fashion industry continues to develop an acute conflict between the trend toward conscious consumption and the social need for humans to express themselves through appearance. Digital clothing was one of the first solutions to this age-old dilemma.

Digital clothing is a 3D model created entirely in a digital environment. Such clothes are made according to natural patterns, which allows you to transfer them offline at any moment if you want to.

This technology allows you to close the need for self-expression without overspending natural resources. Even luxury furs are transferred to digital without harming the animals.

How it works: you choose a digital garment, send in your photo, and get that same photo, but with your updated image in the image. That’s enough to show off your new dress or suit on social media, and if you’re sure you’ll wear that image more than once, you can always request tailoring.

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