8 Beautiful Doodles That Show What Cupidity Is


Often, love is nothing but getting just a little stupid. Traveling for miles, waiting for days, and thinking for hours just to see a smile on the face of your beloved. When the cupid strikes, our hearts, and emotions know no bounds.


Let’s call all the stupidity we do in love, just cupidity – stupid things we do, silly sacrifices we make, and illogical things our heart does just because we are head over heels in love. And let’s admit it – we all have indulged in some cupidity, maybe in our teenage, or maybe when our hearts were young. But, we did it!

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We tell you what cupidity is with these 8 interesting doodles.
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1. Cupidity is spending hours making a hand made card during exams

2. Cupidity is surprising her late at night 

3. Cupidity is arguing over the names of your future kids

4. Cupidity is struggling with her bags but still carrying them


5. Cupidity is coming with lame excuses so that you can meet her 

6. Cupidity is giving her gifts but compromising on your money 

7. Cupidity is giving your jacket and then shivering in the cold 

8. Cupidity is giving priority to moments with her over your other needs


What’s Cupidity to you? Let us know in the comments and we’ll sketch a few doodles for you!

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