14 Quotes From Deadpool Prove He Is The Most Humorous Superhero


Marvel Studios have changed the dynamics of superhero movies and TV shows. Although predictable and following the ancient good against evil approach, these movies never fail to entertain. However, there’s a superhero that particularly stands out amongst the many. With his unconventional action sequences, hilarious dialogues and dubious good-evil ways, Deadpool is a rebellious protagonist who gives you many many laughs. Here, we’ve scraped together for you 14 funny quotes from Deadpool that prove he is the most humorous Superhero.

1) His hilarious but true take on life

2) His undying love for Friends  -the TV show

3) Let’s see what he has to say about human anatomy

4) He never fails at nailing sarcasm

5) He keeps jabbing at other X men

6) …And again

7) Will Deadpool himself make a good parent? 


8. Deadpool says about heroism…

9. Intelligent color code

10. With great power, comes great disfigurement?

11. Spoiler alert “Deadpool had cancer”

12. Pun intended

13. The right time to be a hero is…

14. He says beauty is all about what’s outside

From love to life, looks like Deadpool has an opinion, followed by an answer, for everything. Not sure we agree with him but he sure knows how to amuse and make us laugh.

Here’s to many more Deadpool movies!!

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