10 Things That Define Delhi’s Winters

Delhi is known for many things but two are world famous – yahan ka khana and yahan ki sardi! Delhi’s winters are truly notorious and send chills down your back (literally). But Dilli wallahs share a love-hate relationship with the winter season. While we hate the layers and layers of woolens that we have to wear, we love the sunny afternoons spent munching on peanuts and pakodas.

Here are 10 things that define Delhi’s winters perfectly. Can someone pass the chai please?

1) There is nothing more comforting than a hot cup of Chai. And what better if you have its companions on the side…

DilliKiSardi (1)

2) The second best things after chai is this… (Can also be the first for some)

DilliKiSardi (2)

3) What is a better place than India Gate to take in all the Vitamin-D in winters?

DilliKiSardi (3)

4) Waking up in the morning is a Herculean task. And takes multiple attempts. 

DilliKiSardi (4)

5) One of the best winter smells in Delhi, with “moongphali walahs” everywhere!
And you’d agree, winters aren’t complete without them!

DilliKiSardi (5)

6) At the time when Dilliwalas need the opposite, Delhi seems to fall in love with Dry Days!  

DilliKiSardi (6)

7) Couldn’t be much clearer! 

DilliKiSardi (7)

8) And when 139 is on speed dial, because your train’s always late. 

DilliKiSardi (8)

9) You’re never too old for this! Are you?

DilliKiSardi (9)

10) Yipee! 

DilliKiSardi (10)

Love them or hate them, Delhi’s winters are truly a treat. And if you can somehow brave the cold, you’d have loads of fun. I am still waiting for that chai though.

Concept : Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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