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With so many meal kits available in the market, one may be interested to find the most affordable and non-fussy meals. Dinnerly creates quick and easy meals starting from $4.69 per serving with Dinnerly Coupon Codes & Promo Codes. Adults who love to cook but do not have adequate time to prepare elaborate meals on weeknights can utilize the digital recipe cards of Dinnerly for meal preparation at a minimum of just five simple steps. 

The Dinnerly menu offers 31 meals every week and a few extras, like cookies, muffins, and some additional protein mixtures like chicken breasts and grass-fed ground beef, and pulled pork and chicken strips. It is important to note that if you want the extra protein or the dessert, you must select it as part of your meal choices. If you select the five meals per week plan, you have to select the additional protein options as one of your five meals. 

The meal kits are more focused on dinner, but they can be used for lunch as well.  The meal-kit offers limited to breakfast and dessert options and rarely will include snacks or specials to match the particular holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day. The meal kits do not offer ingredients omission, so if you have any symptoms of allergy, you should consult the allergen list and select a different recipe from the menu card.


Once you sign up, it asks you about the kind of recipes or dishes of your liking, such as vegetarian, beef, lamb, or an option of “everything”. You can rate your choice of recipe styles using a sliding toolbar. The meals kits are quick, exploratory, a little hearty, and a little spicy. If you are not comfortable with the available dishes, you can edit your recipes at the bottom of the page and select from the recipes and other special offers for that particular week. 

All healthy recipes are prepared by the links which included vegetarian, family-friendly, fast, and special dishes. You can filter recipes and even get to know the taste profiles or dietary limits, such as gluten-free, low carb, under 30 minutes, and spicy.  Each recipe is available with a plus and minus feature, and you can use that tool to discard or select the recipes you wish to order.  You can also review the dish, the creator of the dish, its serving time, level of difficulty to prepare, and a list of any household items that you will need when cooking. The instructions are also provided in a simple numbered graphic format, which provides you the luxury to prepare and under the meals in advance. 

The Meal Delivery Services offers a variety of choices for you, including American, Asian, Italian dishes, as well as family-friendly and lots of vegetarian options, including:

  • French onion soup burger
  • Vegan oven-baked veggie tempura 
  • Baked tilapia.
  • Pork with buttery miso noodles.
  • Cheesy chicken quesadillas with salsa. 


The Meal Delivery Services are mindful of the environment and have a devotion to recycling delivery materials. The cardboard box contains recyclable protected bubble covering. Most of the ingredients, such as the bread, and tortilla, are in plastic packages that could be recycled. Some of the vegetables and dried goods like the potatoes had no packaging. 

The plain piece of cardboard separates the vegetables and dry goods from the chilled proteins. The reliability freeze ice pack will give instructions on how to empty contents and recycle the outer packaging. Almost all the food items are wrapped or packaged inconspicuously, excluding the proteins. The sauce packets are either in clear or white vacuum-packed packets with tiny prints that are hard to read.


Each recipe page contains information like calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates with allergens details as well. The Meal Delivery Services has a lot of vegetarian options and offers gluten-free meals, low carb, dairy-free, and low calories. Some of the nutritional details on the recipes are as under:

French Onion Soup Burger:

  1. 1070 calories, 66-gram fat, 48-gram protein, 75-gram carbohydrates.
  2. Meat and kid-friendly.
  3. Allergens: Wheat, milk, and sulfites.

Vegan Oven-Baked Veggie Tempura:

  1. 840 calories, 7-gram fat, 23-gram protein, 165-gram carbohydrates.
  2. Vegan, kid-friendly, dairy-free
  3. Allergens: Wheat and soy.

Baked Tilapia:

  1. 330 calories, 15-gram fat, 32-gram protein, 22-gram carbohydrates.
  2. No added gluten, under 30 minutes, low carb, fish, low calories, one-pot meal, healthy and nutritious.
  3. Allergens: Fish and milk. 

Hoisin Pork With Buttery Miso Noodles:

  1. 780 calories, 25-gram fat, 35-gram protein, 101-gram carbohydrates.
  2. Meat, kid-friendly.
  3. Allergens: Wheat, soy, sesame, and milk.

Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas With Salsa:

  1. 630 calories, 35-gram fat, 46-gram protein, 38-gram carbohydrates.
  2. Under 30 minutes, poultry, kid-friendly.
  3. Allergens: Milk and wheat.

The Meal Delivery Service does not include any printed recipe card. All recipes can be found on the application and through your online account. The website provides a download format of the recipe cards to print if you prefer to have a paper version. 


New participants or people who do not have to subscribe to any Meal Delivery Service as yet, can have their best options with the delivery services websites, spoke to their customer services representatives.  The one thing that is common in all these Meal Delivery Services is that they all love and knowledge of food.

You can also review and use the following criteria to evaluate the best for you:

  1. The Ordering Process of the Meal Delivery Service.
  2. Meal Selection.
  3. Packaging and Support Materials. 
  4. Recyclability. 
  5. The cooking process.
  6. The flavor, freshness, and quality of each meal and ingredients. 
  7. Nutritional Information. 
  8. Customer Service. 
  9. Customer Reviews about Meal Delivery Services. Going through the reviews from other customers can also help you to get a good sense of the true taste, and appearance of each meal to help you decide which Meal Delivery Services offers the best and healthy food.  Also keep an eye on the reviews about issues with delivery, quality of the food, or customer service using websites like Consumer Affairs. 
  10. Pricing.
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