14 Dialogues From English Vinglish About Life, Family & Self Respect

When Sri Devi appeared on the Big Screens once again after a gap of 15 years, she ensured it was not going to be anything but ordinary. English Vinglish is a sweet, sensitive and gentle movie that reflects upon the themes of equality, gratitude and respect. The subtle yet powerful treatment of the subject, the script, performances and dialogues from English Vinglish have been loved by the audiences.


Sri Devi’s stupendous comeback to the Big Screen with English Vinglish was critically acclaimed while also being a huge Box Office hit. The movie collected 120 Crores at the box office. The movie received a 10-minute standing ovation when it premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. English Vinglish was also India’s official entry for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

We bring you some of the best dialogues from English Vinglish.

1. Mard khana banaye toh kala hai …aurat banaye toh uska farz hai

2. Agar mein apne subject mein fail ho gayi… Toh doosre subject mein pass hone ka kya fayeda?

3. Pehli baar…ek hi baar aata hai

5. “Water”
“Still Or Sparkle?”
“Only Water” 

6. “How are you gonna manage in our country if you don’t know English?”
“Like you are managing in our country without knowing Hindi.”

7. Entrepreneur is someone who runs his or her own business. Shashi, you are an Entrepreneur.

8. Maybe David sir ke liye tum normal nahi ho… Magar dil toh dil hai na.

9. Family is the one who will never laught at your weakness. Family is the only place where you will always get love and respect.

10. When you don’t like yourself, you don’t like anything associated with you. But when you start liking yourself again, you start liking the same old life again.

11. Family will never be judgemental. Family will never put you down, Family will never make you feel small.

12. Life is a long journey. Meera, sometimes you will feel you are less. Kevin, sometimes you will also feel you are less than Meera. Try to help each other feel equal. It will be nice. 

13. “Shashi, kya tum abhi bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho?”
“Agar nahi toh tumhe do ladoo kyun khilati?”

14. Bahut dino baad kisi ne meri tareef kari… thoda sa chaunk gayi thi bas.

Several critics and new publications were in awe of Sri Devi giving all the young actresses of this a run for their money with her performance in English Vinglish which was hailed as probably the best in the year. Gauri Shinde won the Best Debut Director Filmfare for English Vinglish.

Which of these dialogues from English Vinglish is your favorite?

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