9 Most Memorable Dialogues From Gullak Season 4

Gullak is a family comedy-drama TVF series that streams on SonyLiv. This show revolves around the quirky Mishra family who live in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. The family of four including Santosh and Shanti Mishra and their two sons are shown interacting with each other daily and solving their many big and small issues together- their fights, disagreements, and ways of showing love— we desis could relate with them so much! The show with successful 3 previous seasons has a high rating of 9.1 on IMDb (that’s how much people love it!). The show has returned for its fourth season and its dialogues are already funny enough to become a part of the latest memes. Here are all the cool and funny dialogues from Gullak Season 4

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1. Papa is a Super (Sariya) Man!
“Aadha kata sariya kis kaam aa sakta hai?”
“Isse nabhi mein phasa ke helicopter ka pankha banayenge tumhare papa.”

2. To fill the generational gap…
“Adulting aur parenting ke beech ko farak hai, unhi hisson se bhari toh yeh gullak hai”

3. Animal banner ka time aa gaya hai!
“Arre papa! cynical banne ka time nahi hai, animal banne ka time hai.”

4. Moms and their savage replies are a universal thing!
“Hum khuli vichardhara ke praani hain.”
“Dhyaan rakho vichardhara ki tarah izzat na khul jaye.”

5. That pados wali CCTV aunty who knows the ‘Kalesh recipe’ very well…
“Annu toh ab kamane hi laga hai use kya bolenge aap, Aman ki abhi kacchi umar hai uspe nazar rakhiye.”

6. Pehla nasha, pehla khumaar…
“Jabse Aditi se mile hai uski baatein hi yaad aayi ja rahi hain yaar.”

7. The cat and mouse fights between siblings…
“Chitkani mat lagana.”
“Chaar niji chan nahi jee sakte kya akele main?”

8. Adolescent issues…
“Arre yaar humare tinka tinka dadhi aa rahi hai, bhar bhar ke nahi aa rahi bhai.”

9. Mumma Knows everything…
“Aaj kal bahot dair tak nahata hai tumhara chota ladka.”

Haven’t watched the show yet? Binge-watch all four seasons and tell us which dialogue was your favorite out of all the dialogues of Gullak season 4. Watch the show on SonyLiv. Happy Watching!

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