33 Best Dialogues From Indian Web Series That We Cannot Forget!

For the short time that web-series with good production values have been a thing in India, we sure have had a lot of amazing content bless our screens so far. I mean, of course, they don’t always work as well as we’d wish them to, but given how dull and unimaginative the Indian television scene was before OTT platforms came along, we really do not have much to complain about. Unlike their traditional counterparts, web-series tend to be more well-written, are more in touch with what audiences want, and focus on themes that traditional tv shows often shy away from. We can only hope that this trend continues, and we keep getting all this great content for our pleasure. With that, we bring you 25 best dialogues from Indian web series that we absolutely loved!

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1. Excellent foreshadowing skills, just saying:

2. When Tara realises that all the money in the world cannot save her marriage:

3. When you start a new web series because you were bored but now your life has no meaning without it:

4. This will never not be true:

5. A moment of understanding between two women in a patriarchal society:

6. This scene that resonated with every young woman watching:

7. Terror sometimes works better than respect:

8. Family comes first:

9. His confidence is infectious:

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10. We make the world what it is:

11. But sometimes, we have to address the larger forces of power, and acknowledge that we’re inconsequential:

12. A rather optimistic take, but I’ll accept it:

13. When Karan and Nawab meet again:

14. The sad reality of living in a big city with big dreams:

15. God has better things to do:

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16. Money’s all that matters:

17. Business gives you money, politics gives you power.

18. When Munna finally understands the game:

19. Saying it as it is:

20. The poor aren’t welcome anywhere:

21. When Munna seems just a tiny bit over-confident:

22. Add that to the list of all the things that are okay for men to do, but not for women:

23: Well, at least he’s being honest:

24. How can so much wisdom come from one single person?

25. Important life lessons ft. Kaleen bhaiya:

26. The Chaturs of the world do not win – Ranchos do!

27. With the kind of competition we have today, it’s hard to be an Ekalavya. 

28. Justice is a privilege not everyone can afford. 

29. Surround yourself with people better than you. 

30. The impossible is only two letters away from possible if you try hard enough. 

31. Your dreams say a lot about you. 

32. A year of trauma equals a lifetime of anxiety. 

33. One must find a happy balance. 

We hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best dialogues from Indian web series. Did we miss any of your favorites out? Comment below to let us know!

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