10 Best Dialogues From Kabir Singh About Love, Life & Suffering


Starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani, Kabir Singh tells the story of a surgeon who finds himself in a path of self-destruction after his girlfriend marries somebody else. While several feminists and reviewers criticized the movie for promoting toxic masculinity and misogyny, the audiences loved the story, performances, music, songs and dialogues of Kabir Singh making it a massive hit that grossed over INR 379 Crores at the box office.

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We bring you 10 best dialogues from Kabir Singh.

1. Life mein paida hona, pyaar karna aur mar jaana… Yeh 10% moments sabse important hote hain… Baaki 90% are just reactions to them.

2. I’m not a rebel without a cause, Sir…nor a murderer with a hand-blade; This is me.

3. Main chup nahi reh sakta, Chup rehna ek aadat Ban jati hai, Jo field pe hi nahi, Life mein bhi.

4. Khusrau darya prem ka, Ulti wa ki dhaar, Jo utra so doob gaya, Jo dooba so paar.

5. When a woman is in love, her priorities change!


6. Tere liye kucch bhi kar sakta hoon Preeti…Agar tujme bhi mere liye waisa pagalpan hai na toh call me otherwise you know me.

7. Darya ka Paani, Lehren… Shor hai ya Shanti? Jisse Shor lage usne kabhi Pyaar kiya hi nahi…Or jinhe ye khamooshi choo jaye unhe Waqt, Halat, Pareshani juda kar sakti hai par alag nahi?

8. Kaisa chhichhora hai bey…Daily daily naada dheela hota jaa raha hai kya…

9. It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follows.

10. Suffering is personal. Let him suffer.

Despite all the criticism to the movie, Kabir Singh was loved for having showed a typical Indian love story with a flawed character undergoing emotions several of us have been through before. Besides its soulful music and songs were also an instant hit.

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Do you remember any other good dialogues from Kabir Singh we missed out? Do let us know in the comments below!

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