8 Dialogues from Munjya Movie That Will Freak You Out!

Munjya film is another flick from the comedy supernatural universe created by Maddock Films unexpectedly turns out to be a pathbreaker. This movie belongs to Dinesh Vijan’s Stree universe and has a jumpscare horror world made funny with bizarre characters. It is another horror comedy film starring Abhay Verma, Sharvari, and Mona Singh in pivotal roles. The movie revolves around a very unique Indian folktale about a young boy who dies before coming of age and his many adult desires remain unfulfilled, turning him into a start beast called— Munjya. The film is close to entering the 100-crore club and is already a superhit among viewers. Here are some of the popular dialogues from the Munjya movie

1. Munjya getting offensive real quick!
“Sabar sir, the result of sabar sabar is sweet.”
“Will you eat some rose berries?”

2. She has some tricks up her sleeves, right?
“Chodh de usse warna.”
“Otherwise what will you do?”

3. Our desi Harry Puttar is stuck!
“We have very little time, friends.”

4. That village with much darker things lurking in the dark than dark magic…
“Kab tak rokogi usse?”
“Did you forget what happened when you went last time, black magic.”

5. What secret is hidden there?
“Munni is from our village.”
“I don’t want to go to that village.”

6. Every ghost comes at a price!
“We will send your man for a ride, but there will be an extra charge for this.”

7. He has some serious back issues!
“Bittu, are you sure you’re not on drugs?”

8. Only he can see that creepy creature coming out at night…
“He comes at sunset time, you won’t see him, but I can see him.”
“I want to marry him to some Munni.”

These dialogues are enough to compel you to visit the theatre and watch the movie.

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