27 Most Memorable Dialogues of Aamir Khan We Love!

Aamir Khan has long been regarded as one of the most skilled actors in the Hindi film industry. With so many exceptionally well-made movies to his name, it is easy to see why that is so. He has a reputation for being a perfectionist, he only does one movie at a time to give it his all, and his good work has so far outweighed the few questionable projects he has chosen along the way. I mean, if we still love the dude despite the monstrosity that was Thugs of Hindostan, he has obviously done some great things in his life. What really sets Aamir Khan apart from the rest of the superstars is how unconventional his movies seem to be despite performing so well at the box office for the most part. While others prefer sticking to a formula that works and mints money, Aamir chooses to tell stories that have the capacity to move people. With that, we bring you 21 most memorable dialogues of Aamir Khan with this list. Of course, due credit should be given to the talented writers who have supported the actor on his various projects.

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1. Dropping truth bombs.

2. An accurate depiction of the rat-race.

3. The formula for nurturing winners.

Dangal, 2016

4. A life-lesson we’re still sticking to.

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5. We wish that was true for our Gola as well.

6. Knowledge is knowledge.

7. This heartbreaking line that had all of us sobbing:

Rang de Basanti, 2006

8. One’s gender doesn’t take away anything from their capability.

Dangal, 2016

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9. Mostly.

10. Your roots define who you are.

Dangal, 2016

11. Kinda makes you wonder if this is why aliens won’t talk to us.

12. If only educators cared.

13. People are different; why should it be a surprise when their capabilities are, too?

14. Remember when you were little and wanted to grow up? HA.

Rang de Basanti, 2006

15. Asking the real questions.

16. Your priorities decide who you become.

17. If you want something changed, try changing it yourself.

Rang de Basanti, 2006

18. Society expects far too much of us than what it offers in return.

Dangal, 2016

19. Wish there was a direct-line we could use, no?

20. Imitators learn what is already known. Innovators question what is already known.

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21. Nobody remembers you if you’re second-best.

Dangal, 2016

22. Poetry for the love-struck. 

23. And an anthem for the defeated. 


24. I wish I had this kind of confidence. 

25. Muft ka gyaan.

26. When my friend teaches me the whole syllabus the night before the exam:

27. And at last, the mantra for a happy life:

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