30 Iconic Dialogues of Shahrukh Khan That Are Unforgettable!

Shahrukh Khan has long been regarded as the King of Bollywood. The actor enjoys a massive following of devoted fans who hang on to every word he has to say. Despite some disappointing movies that have come his way the last couple of years, there is no denying that the actor stands out from the rest of the Bollywood superstars, thanks to his charm and likeable personality. Not only that, the actor has proven time and again what a talented man he is. Be it his romantic, easy going movies like DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or his intensely brooding role in and as Devdas, or even his stint as a villain in Darr, Shahrukh Khan can do it all. With that, we bring you 30 iconic dialogues of Shahrukh Khan that we cannot forget.

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1. There’s a reason he’s the king of romance.

2. It’s not the end, just the intermission.

3. Saying it as it is.

4. Only if all the alcoholics were just as good at poetry.

5. Destiny seems to love love.

6. This heartbreaking moment.

7. And this ever-green dialogue that cemented his place as a star in the industry.

8. When it seems like the world likes you less when you’re being nice.

9. Your God wants your devotion, not your theatrics.

10. Spoken like the king that he is.

11. The sad reality of Indian society.

12. Two children of the same mother.

13. Love is friendship.

14. Kya pata, kal ho naa ho…

15. Existence is pain.

16. The most famous pep-talk in the history of all pep-talks.

17. When you truly want something, the world listens.

18. This gem of a line.

19. Mothers are all the same everywhere.

20. An Indian first, everything else second.

21. When you love like a Raj, you get a Simran.

22. Even Don socializes more than I do.

23. He never forgets.

24. We love only once… or do we?

25. This iconic line that could make any woman swoon.

26. Ye public sab jaanti hai.

27. You remember what you wish you’d forgotten.

28. Love is life.

29. This movie makes your heart break every time you watch it.

30. Kaash.

We hope you liked our list of the best dialogues of Shahrukh Khan. If we missed any of your favourites, let us know in the comments below.

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