10 Hilarious Don No. 1 Meme Templates That Went Viral

A few years back, somebody working in the movie channels like Star Gold, Max and Zee Cinema had a gem of an idea to start dubbing South Indian movies to hindi for the larger Indian audiences. This trend saw a flurry of South Indian movies opening up to the larger hindi audiences through cable TV. One such movie that became particularly popular amongst the hindi audiences was the Nagarjuna  starrer Don No. 1.  The dialogues, scenes, one-liners from the movies as well as Don No.1 Meme Templates became an instant hit on the internet and social media.

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We bring you some of the best Don No.1 Meme Templates that have been loved by the online audiences.

1. Nobody:
Amit Shah to MLAs when BJP falls short of a majority:

2. Relax boys, abhi period khatam hone me 5 minutes hai

3. Jab aapka friend monitor ban jaye aur fir bhi blackboard pe aapka naam likh de

4.  When you are not in a relationship

5.  When she doesn’t reply to your text after seeing

6.  Me thinking to quit the job

7.  Nobody:
me to my ex:

8. When you have an exam tomorrow morning but you decide to party all night

9.  When you give her a good blowjob

10.  Jab homework nahi karne par teacher ne aapko bahot maara par ladki ko kuch nahi bola
Tab 14 years old aap:

This action packed Telugu movie resonated with the young audiences especially and it’s dialogues has also been a favorite of Tik Tokers and Instagram Reel Creators.

Which of these Don No.1 Meme Templates describes the story of life? Share your view in the comments below.

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