Download Bet365 App (APK) for Android 2022

Bet365 can be easily used in its basic form – the PC-based platform accessible through browser. Millions, however, use the mobile version, which is represented by the Android and iOS variants of the same Bet365 app. They offer a more condensed & simple experience compared to the Web-based platform.

There are some tangible advantages and disadvantages related to this Bet365 variation. But it’s not like you need to absolutely stick to just one version of this betting provider. You can switch between the app and the browser at will. All the more so, considering there are some very persuasive upsides in this app.

How to Download Bet365 App on Android

Downloading it on an Android device can be done through three main methods.

The first one is downloading it from Google Play. In some countries, particularly in regions where betting and gambling are legal, the Bet365 app can be downloaded with ease. Not all devices support the application, even though the interface they’ve designed can be automatically aligned to the different display proportions.

The second method is downloading it from the intended source – the official website. This one is a bit trickier, because Bet365 changes its mind constantly when it comes to featuring the app. In short, they can simply add the Android icon at the top of the screen, which will lead to the download link, and they can remove it shortly after.

The third method is downloading it from a trustworthy third-party source. It’s often just as safe, but the main advantage is that you can download your favorite apps reliably without having to rely of official sources, which can actually be less reliable. These apk files are just as functional.

Bet365 App Installation on Android

Installation of an apk (Android file format) file depends on where you actually got it:

  • Getting it ‘raw’ from a website means you still need to install it. By downloading it, you only download an installation file.
  • Getting it from Google Play means you’ll download and install the thing right away.

The second case is absolutely familiar to everyone who ever used an Android device. You simply find the app, click download and it’ll be operational within moments, or longer (depending on your Internet connection). As for the first case, it’s a bit more complicated.

After downloading the apk file, you’ll have to find it on your device and click on it. This will likely launch the installation process right there. If it didn’t work, then you need to find an app capable of storing, managing and installing your files. Any good file manager would do.

Features of the Mobile App

The Bet365 app has many of the same features the ‘big’ version offers, except in a more condensed and streamlined way – perfect for mobile users.

In it, the same features you can find in the typical Bet365 sportsbook are aligned in a more vertical manner. The sports are arranged in one big catalog at the top of the screen, which you can scroll through and pick your sport. The details on matches and games will be presented below in a vertical catalog.

The same matches are available throughout the different versions, although some less popular sports can be excluded from the mobile app to save space or just make it less confusing. They also don’t have a divide between categories, like the PC version does. It’s just a straight roster.

There is still division between live and usual games. There are two distinct menus, although they aren’t very different in appearance. In terms of technical features, live games have some rudimentary monitoring and analysis systems. That being said, it’s better to open up your analysis charts in a different app or in a browser.

In terms of appearance, the app can vary based on the proportions of your display, as mentioned. Tablets, for instance, are also supported. And with tablets, the catalogs are extended to show more stuff. The icons and other elements aren’t simply enlarged – it’s all balanced and functional.

Registration in Bet365 App

To do something in this app, you’ll still need to create an account with Bet365. It’s not that hard, and the same account is active throughout the versions – you can both log in with one in the Bet365 app and in the PC version. 

To register, you need to either visit the official website beforehand or just boot the application. When you boot it, you’ll be offered to make an account to continue using the program without restraint. The registration process can be completed right there. But if you have an account already, you can just sign in immediately.

To register, you need to click on the ‘sign up’ button (if done on PC). One way or another, you’ll proceed to a long registration page with many text boxes. These boxes will request pieces of your personal information, some of which can be quite sensitive. That’s quite alright for a betting provider. The details you need to submit include:

  • Your current country or residence and country of origin;
  • Your email and phone number;
  • Your password and login;
  • Your full name and the way you want to be addressed;
  • Some other minor details.

You need to fill in all of these boxes to create an account. And after you’ve done so, it’ll still be semi-functional. In addition to everything else, you’ll also need to make your first deposit to start betting. But a more pressing and lasting process is the identity verification they’ll conduct.

Your Bet365 app account won’t be approved until you submit some identification to the company. It’s the official verification process most companies in the business do. You’ll essentially need to give them your ID, papers, bills or other things that verify your person – the more the better.

It can be a long process, mainly because it’s manual. But Bet365 tries to reduce the time needed to finish a verification process. It can currently take a week or two. After that, the account is supposed to be fully functional.

Welcome Bonus

Do sign up for a welcome bonus during your registration process. You can simply agree to a small bonus of 100 EUR for a few first bets. This money can’t be withdrawn, only the winning from these bets can be. But there are no strings attached – you only need to make an account and a deposit to claim this money. 

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