10 Best English Dubbed Korean Movies For a Fun Movie Night


Through the growth of multiplexes and the acceptance of the moviegoing culture, Korea has become one of the most active cinema markets in the world. Over 226 million people saw movies in South Korea overall in 2019, breaking the 200 million barriers for the seventh year in a row.  With the industry booming, why would one want to shy away from indulging in the entertainment that these films provide? Here’s a list of the best, most entertaining English dubbed Korean movies that are absolutely worth watching — at least 5 times!


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1. #Alive
Joon-woo locks himself inside his apartment to try to keep safe while a gruesome epidemic decimates a Korean city. He comes into another survivor just as he starts to lose heart.

2. Sweet And Sour
A couple experiences the highs and lows of trying to maintain a long-distance relationship while dealing with opportunities and problems found in real-world situations.

3. Kingdom: Ashin Of The North
In this special episode of “Kingdom,” tragedy, betrayal, and a startling discovery fuel a woman’s desire for vengeance over the death of her tribe and family.

4. The 8th Night
A monk pursues a centuries-old spirit that is controlling people and unleashing havoc on Earth while holding prayer beads in one hand and an axe in the other.

The Call
In order to modify her own destiny, a serial killer risks the past and life of another lady who she has known for 20 years but over a phone connection.


Tune In For Love
While swapping stories on a radio station in the 1990s, diligent Mi Soo and optimistic Hyun Woo meet and fall in love. However, despite their paths repeatedly intersecting, the moment never seems to be right. This is one of the cutest English dubbed Korean movies out there!

7. Space Sweepers
The crew of Spaceship Victory discovers a 7-year-old girl inside a crashed space shuttle after grabbing it during the most recent trash hunt. They decide to demand a ransom in exchange for her after realising she is the humanoid robot the UTS Space Guards are seeking.

8. Love And Leashes
For two coworkers who enter into a contractual partnership as partners in consenting play, pleasure, and agony, love has never hurt so wonderful.

9. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations
An honourable prosecutor enters a deadly spies’ war while on assignment in a dangerous city to examine a black ops unit and its notorious boss.

10. What Happened To Mr. Cha
A famous actor who is past his prime struggles to recapture the grandeur of his earlier years as a performer until he gets a rude awakening.

Go ahead, and watch these English dubbed Korean movies. We promise you that you won’t regret it.

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