10 Best English Romantic Movies of 2022 That Make You Fall in Love


How would you describe a romantic comedy movie? Is it something you’d enjoy watching? In today’s date, romance is one of the most popular genres. When it comes to romance, there are certain types of movies that are considered classics. Some of these include The Notebook, Titanic, and Pretty Woman. These films are known for their romantic storylines and beautiful cinematography. But What kind of English romantic movies would you want to see in 2022? Check out some of the best English romantic movies of 2022.


1. Persuasion

Anne Elliot is a nonconforming woman with contemporary sensibilities. She lives with her snooty family on the verge of bankruptcy. Anne must decide whether to put the past behind her or follow her heart when it comes to second chances. Frederick Wentworth, the charming man she let slip away, crashes back into her life.

2. Purple Hearts

Despite having numerous differences, Luke, a troubled marine, and Cassie, a failed singer-songwriter, decide to wed only for military reasons. In this love story, the distinction between reality and fiction starts to blur when tragedy strikes.

3. Marry Me

Kat Valdez and Bastian decide upon getting married before an audience of fans from around the world. Nevertheless, Kat decides to wed Charlie, a bystander, instead of Bastian after finding out that he has been unfaithful only moments before she is to exchange vows.

4. Moonshot

‘Moonshot’ is an American science-fiction rom-com. A college student assists a barista on a space shuttle headed to Mars in the storyline. The two college students join forces to find their significant others in this romantic comedy with a twist as they set out on a fun quest that veers wildly off course. The story follows them as they work together to find each other.

5. Cha Cha Cha Real Smooth

Andrew is stranded back at home in New Jersey with his family after just graduating from college and has no clear plan for his future. His ability to create a party, however, is the one skill that should be on his nonexistent resume because it gets him the ideal job of motivating dancing at the bar and bat mitzvahs. He ultimately finds a future he desires, even though it might not be his own, when he befriends Domino and her daughter Lola. 


6. About Fate

Griffin Reed and Margot Hayes might be the ideal coupling. The only issue is that they have never met and are both getting married to someone else. But when fate brings them together and illuminates genuine love in their hearts, everything is about to change.

7. Ticket to Paradise

Academy award winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts reconnect on screen as ex-couples who are on a joint quest to prevent their infatuated daughter from making the same error they did. The romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, is about the delightful surprise of second chances.

8. Rosaline

Shakespeare’s classic love story ‘Romeo & Juliet’ is given a new and humorous spin in ‘Rosaline’. The story is narrated from the viewpoint of Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin and Romeo’s most recent love interest. Rosaline hatches a plan to thwart the famed romance and get her lover back after she is devastated when Romeo meets Juliet and starts to pursue her.

9. The Lost City

Loretta is taken hostage by an eccentric millionaire when she and Alan are on tour to promote their most recent book. He wants her to help him find the lost treasure of an ancient city that she recently wrote about. Alan embarks on his mission to save her, driven to show that he can be a hero in the real world as well as in her books.

10. The Royal Treatment

While Prince Thomas governs his own country and is going to wed for duty rather than love, Isabella has her own salon and isn’t hesitant to express her opinions. Izzy and her colleagues stylists receive the chance of a lifetime to do the hair for the royal wedding. As a result, she and Prince Thomas discover that following one’s passion is essential to taking control of one’s own destiny.

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Romance movies are a staple of Hollywood cinema. On top of that they are quite wholesome to watch. Check this list of English romantic movies 0f 2022 and pick your next watch.

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