12 Best English Songs for Instagram Posts & Stories for Boys

Boys are as active on Instagram as girls and they too post relatable stories. And, if you are reading this and you know that you have added many trending songs in your stories and reels but also want to try some new and refreshing songs- we have a list prepared for you! Some songs are already a part of IG trends, but many are so soothing and catchy to hear that they will boost your posts! Especially, if you are making a video and want some cool songs recent song that you can add to it, we have got some good ones for you. Check out this list of the best English songs for Instagram posts & stories for boys.

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1. Dzanum – Teya Dora

A song that has become part of the current meme culture. However, the song about depression and mental health is very soothing to the ears. Ever checked out the full version of it? Try and then use this song differently as well- set a new trend!

2. Time Traveller – M.I.A

This song that released in 2022 became a trend in the US- a great chance for Indians to include this in reels as it is still fresh here! This song is sung by MIA (Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam), a Sri Lankan singer who signifies vimana (a mythical flying plane).

3. Seven – Jungkook feat. Latto

Seven is such a popular song by Jungkook and Latto that it received silver and platinum certifications in the UK, and the US! This is also special for all the BTS fans as it is the solo debut song for Junjkook. Want to impress girls? Use this song in a reel, post, or video, and see the results!

4. Makeba – Jain

A trending song that fits on any IG reel including couples, fun, comedy, or even tutorials- it can fit like a glove everywhere! If you haven’t tried this reel till now- try this funky number!

5. Daylight – David Kushner

A melodious song, Daylight by David Kushner will take you and your followers on a magical journey. This pop song recorded in his deep baritone voice is enough to catch anybody’s attention without working much on the edits!

6. Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife) – King, Nick Jonas

Not an English song, but a rendition of the popular song by King that has English parts sung by Nick Jonas- this is one of those remixes that get more popularity than the original one.

7. Starboy – The Weekend, Daft Punk

This song by the Canadian singer Weeknd also features the French electronic duo Daft Pink. What’s good about the song- guest appearances of many artists, meaningful lyrics, and pop culture style song.

8. Dreamer – Alan Walker 

A dreamer would relate to this beautiful song which Alan Walker has dedicated to all his fans who cheered him during his struggle days and even today.

9. Mockingbird – Eminem

Do you like vibing to the fast-beat Eminem songs? If yes, then you must include this newly released song of his that is winning people’s hearts. Include it in your latest reels and let your viewers also vibe along with your cool new vacation videos!

10. Unholy – Sam Smith, Kim Petras

Although, the trend for this infectious song is over you might find some parts of this song still as good and unexplored on social media. Use it in your creative way on IG to bring back the trend because good songs should never go out of trend!

11. Night Changes – One Direction

A song that will create nostalgia in your mind for two reasons – this song was released in 2014 (back when One Direction was still together as a band), and secondly, it talks about growing up and how the night changes quickly without us even realizing it. The music is swoon-worthy as well- all these reasons made this song viral everywhere on social media.

12. Unstoppable – Sia 

A very ambitious song that is burning with passion to strive in this world- it is a very energetic number that will motivate you and the viewers of your reel/ post to just keep trying and not give up easily.

So, did you like any songs from our collection of Best English Songs for Instagram Posts & Stories for Boys? Tell us your choices in the comments.

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