10 Google Auto-Complete Results Show We Are Racists!

We bring you real screenshots of a few Google auto-complete results that depict the deeply rooted racism and stereotypes in India.

We Indians, are enraged by racist attacks at our countrymen but there’s a lot to be in done in our own backyard. We stereotype and abuse people of other states, language and culture.

It Instant Auto-complete suggestions are based on real searches by users across the online universe and thus give an idea of what people search for online.  We have compiled a few such results to depict what people think about people from other states of the country.

1. Delhites, why you gotta be so rude?

Delhiites are

2. Nobody can be this bad!

biharis are

3. If Malayalees aren’t Mallus then who is?

Malayalees are

4. Not a very high opinion for Telegus

telugus are

5. Why so pissed at Tamils?

Tamils are

6. Varied opinions about Marathis

Marathis are

7. Gujaratis v/s Punjabis

Gujaratis are

8. Is this what you google about your Punjabi friends?

punjabis are

9. From beautiful to bastards!

Kashmiris are

10. We are?

Indians are

Because… Every search has a story!

Google may act as an omniscient power, but resorting to Google for every doubt may not be so feasible. Needless to say Google answers all your queries. But, at times, these answers lead to more questions. As you can see!

Design: Rohit Bose

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