7 posters that Show that Every Woman Is Beautiful

It’s the 21st Century – the era of science, internet, technology and modern advancements with critical thinking and reasoning. However, in huge parts of the world,  women are still mocked, teased, abused, judged and placed under various tags for their appearances, preferences, and the choices they make.


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This Women’s Day, we pass on the message of #EveryWomanIsBeautiful with these poster series in association with Vee!

1. A Fat Woman is beautiful 

2. A Woman with 4 relationships is beautiful 

3. A Woman who drinks and smokes is beautiful 

4. A girl who wears short dresses is beautiful 

5. A Single Mother is beautiful 

6. A 30 year old bachelorette is beauitful 

7. A girl who hangs out with guys late at night is beautiful 

Every woman is beautiful, indeed!

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