9 Minimal Posters That Show That Every Woman Is Strong

Right from her birth to the day, she breathes her last, the life of every woman is an ongoing battle with the society which first questions her existence and later turns her into an object of desire. A woman plays several roles in her life, adapts to each, lives each, and fights at every stage of her life.

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This Women’s Day, we show you how every woman is strong in 9 Minimal posters!
(In collaboration with Vee)

1. She fights her battle even before she is born, the battle of her existence

2. A victim of preferential treatment and meant to make her sacrifices

3. Physically harassed but her spirit still towers tall

4. Eve-teased, stalked and assaulted, yet she etches her mark

5. Lured, threatened and enticed, but she still makes her mark in the man’s world. 

6. Evil eyes follow her, yet she never takes her own eyes off her dreams

7. Stereotyped and abused, she still doesn’t give up on expressing herself 

8. Love without expectations and hard work without credit

9. She comes and goes but it is the Men who matter 

“What made her strong was despite the million things that hurt her, she spoke of nothing. Nothing but happiness.”

Every woman is beautiful. Every woman is Strong!

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