20 Interesting Facts About Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh is often called the land of dawn-lit Sun. Geographically, it is the largest state of the seven sister states. Covered mostly in forest and greenery, the pristine region is one of the least explored regions in India.

Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Arunachal Pradesh.

1. Earlier named after North East Frontier Agency


2. Largest of the seven sisters

3. Lots and lots of O2

4. International neighbours

5. Hub of tribes and diverse cultures

Arunachal Pradesh is inhabited by 26 major tribes

6. You gotta have a permit to roam in your home state!

Free roaming is a myth

7. Massive monastery of Twang

Twang Monastery

8. Let’s go back in time!


9. The river bridge that connects two states

Sadiya Bridge

10. Let’s converse in English, y’all!

English is the official language in arunacha pradesh


11. Diverse tourist circuits of Arunachal

arunachal pradesh has many tourist circuits

12. Centuries old holy ground

Temple ruins at Malinthan

13. You can’t fly here!

arunachal pradesh has no functional airport

14. Rain God is too generous here

heavy rainfall

15. Not so crowded!

16. Come here for a flower-ful experience

orchid nation

17. You name it. we got it!

Namdhapa National Park  

 18. Music with a view!


19. China almost had it

Sino- Indian woes

20. Have sinned too much? Wash them here!

Parashuram Kund

Looks like Arunachal Pradesh holds a story around its every corner. It sure is a fascinating state and must be on the list of every travel enthusiast.

Do you think we are missing out on any bizarre fact about this place? If yes, then do let us know in the comments below.

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