11 Facts About Brahmagupta – The Greatest Mathematician From Ancient India

An Indian mathematician and astronomer, Brahmagupta was born in 598 CE and lived in Bhillamala in Gurjaradesa during the reign of Vyagrahamukha, a ruler from the Chavda dynasty. Brahmagupta was a practicing Hindu and a Shaivite. He was the author of Brahmasphutasiddhanta and Khandakhadyaka – both works that discussed mathematics and astronomy – with the former being a theoretical treatise while the latter covers a more practical approach. With this article, we bring you facts about Brahmagupta, one of the most significant mathematicians to have been born in India.


Brahmagupta wrote Brahmasphutasiddhanta at the age of 30, a revised version of the Siddhanta of Brahmapaksha school of Astronomy where he was an astronomer. In the book, Brahmagupta has composed 24 chapters with 1008 verses in Arya metre. Most of the book deals with astronomy, however, it also includes chapters on mathematics that discuss trigonometry, algebra, geometry, etc. He composed Khandakhadyaka much later – at 67 – after he had moved to Ujjain, which was a major hub for studying astronomy in India. This text was meant to be a manual for students of astronomy. 

Over the years, Brahmagupta came up with key findings that were significant in the progress of mathematics and astronomy. With that, we bring you these facts about Brahmagupta to shed light on the many mathematical discoveries credited to the genius of Brahmagupta. 

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1. Brahmagupta was well-versed in mathematics and astronomy from a young age.

2. Brahmagupta is most famous for his mathematical treatise, the Brahmasphuta Siddhanta, which was written in 628 AD.

3. Laghubhaskariya is a brief mathematical text that focuses on the arithmetic and algebraic rules of calculation.

4. Brahmagupta’s work in mathematics also included important advances in algebra, including the solution of linear and quadratic equations.

5. Durkeamynarda is an astronomical work that provides a detailed analysis of the positions and motions of the planets, the moon, and the sun.

6. His contributions to astronomy included the study of eclipses.

7. Bramhagupta spoke about gravity centuries before Isaac Newton.

8. Khandakhadyaka is a comprehensive treatise on mathematics and astronomy, covering topics such as arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and astronomy.

9. His work was widely studied across the globe

10. The decimal number system soon spread after his works were translated in Arabic

11. Bramhagupta was called as the greatest scientist of his time. 


These are some of the interesting facts about Brahmagupta, the ancient Indian mathematician and astronomer. He was a true mathematical and astronomical genius. Brahmagupta remains an important figure in the history of mathematics and astronomy, and his contributions continue to be widely studied and appreciated today.
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