20 Interesting Facts About Jharkhand

Jharkhand was created out of Bihar in 2000. The state is rich in natural resources and accounts for almost up to 40% of the total mineral wealth of our nation. It has a dense population cover and is home to various ethnic tribal groups.


Let us look at some of the facts about Jharkhand below:

1. Barely legal

When Jharkahnd came into existence

2. It’s green as far as your eyes can see

laand of bushes, trees and jungles

3. Shoo-ing the British away

Birsa Mundra revolt

4. Holy district of Deoghar


5. Rich in minerals

Jharkhand has ample reserves of mineral resource

6. TATAs taking control

No municipal corporation

7.  Here’s the first planned industrial city

8. Tons and tons of coal

Dhanbad, the coal capital

9. Cruise named after Ranchi

SS Ranchi

10. Pious temple at the top of mountain

Shikharji Jain Temple

11. Bet you wanna try this!

Local alcohol drinks of Jharkhand

.12. Site of geographical significance

Tropic of cancer

13. Standing tall and grand

Largest Indian Flag

14.  This dam gets operated in a unique way

15. Mystic mythology 

Chinnamastika temple

16. Ancient temples made of terracotta

Maluti village

17. Why go to a doctor when you can come here!


18. Thanking the animals

Bandana Festival

19. Base that supplied food to soldiers


20. Eternal flames

Jharia Coal mines

The land of lush forests and diverse tribes, Jharkhand sure is a beautiful Indian terrain. With so much to explore and experience, this Indian state should definitely be visited once in a lifetime.

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