50 Famous Indian Meme Templates To Describe My Life & The World

Memes have more or less become an integral part of our lives now. They are perfect for making a witty Twitter post, they can be used as replies to friends whenever you don’t feel like continuing the conversation, and more than anything, they can be an endless source of entertainment. With so many memes floating on the internet, there’s a meme for literally everything now, and what’s better, we have got our own desi ones so that we don’t have to go looking too far. Here are 50 famous Indian meme templates that can be used to perfectly describe our lives.

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Now, let’s get back to our list of famous Indian meme templates:

1. When CBSE cancelled your boards but you realise you won’t get to experience college life for another year.

2. Me: Sir questions to covered syllabus se hi aayega na?
My teacher:

3. When you’re having an argument with your boyfriend and you make some really great points:

4. When your relatives were waiting to ask you about your board exam scores but Modiji cancelled the exams:

5. Me asking the amazon delivery guy to not ring the bell so my mother doesn’t know I’m shopping again:

6. When your mother tells you it’s your turn to do pochha:

7. What pados wali aunty thinks about you when you wear red lipstick:

8. Me: orders Dominos for dinner
Mummy with her kathal ki sabzi:

9. When Biden defeated Trump during the US elections and Trump asked for a recount:

10. Lord Mountbatten to Jawaharlal Nehru:

11. When everyone starts hating the guy you always knew was a dick:

12. When you only attempt questions worth 40 marks but end up scoring 52:

13. Me, who talks to her boyfriend on the calculator app, handing her phone to mummy:

14. When you discover your boyfriend’s cheating on you but you started cheating on him first:

15. My mummy after dressing me up as maa parvati for fancy dress:

16. When the professor starts scolding his chamcha student:

17. Me on the inside when I’m watching a movie with my parents and the actors start kissing:

18. Hari Puttar v/s Harry Potter:

19. When your crush rejects your proposal but you end up scoring a hotter chick after a month:

20. Mamata Banerjee after Modi calls her Didi O Didi:

21. Me reminiscing about the time I had to use 2G internet and it took 12 minutes to download a song.

22. When two people who used to talk behind each other’s backs suddenly become best friends:

23. When you start feeding a stray cat every night:

24. When you refuse to eat your Biryani without ordering a Thums Up:

25. Me thinking about all the times he said I was the only one and I believed him:

26. When people are dying of covid but elections are more important:

27. When you are showing off your Chinese speakers to your friends:

28. Rich kids after they had to ask their father twice for the new iPhone:

29. Me adding water to my dad’s bottle of vodka:

30. When some guy on YouTube asks me to give up junk food, start exercising and drink eight glasses of water every day:

31. When you’re chilling with your friends and your mother calls you
Me to my friends:

32. Me: feels happy for a day
My depression the next day:

33. What my parents think I’m doing when I tell them I’m going to a party with friends:

34. Me explaining my childhood trauma to my therapist:

35. When you give chocolates to your crush for Valentine’s and he gives them to his crush:

36. When a BJP MLA defects to TMC:

37. The government re-affirming vaccine efficacy after Baba Ramdev and right-wing trolls start attacking doctors online:

38. Me after my best friend breaks up with the guy I told her wasn’t good enough for her:

39. Me: 2021 will be my year

40. Me to my relatives who keep telling my mother about rishtas:

41. When you go back to college after missing a week and your best friend tells you all the hot gossips:

42. Me looking at my friends doing an MBA:

43. My phone after I throw it into the wall while having an argument with my boyfriend:

44. Him: I’m different from other men
Also him:

45. When that one friend who had promised to stay single with you for hot girl summer gets a boyfriend during frigid bitch winter:

46. When the government has already banned your favourite apps and is now eyeing Instagram and WhatsApp too:

47. When your mother convinces your dad to let you stay with your friend for a sleepover:

48. When your friend sees you talking nicely to a guy from class:

49. When your mummy is beating you with the zeal of a tabla player
Meanwhile papa:

50. When old TikTokers start getting millions of views on their reels
Instagram influencers:

We hope you liked our list of famous Indian meme templates and have fun with them!

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