35 Famous Quotes From Black Leaders And Personalities


Today’s media is flooded with African American culture. Many in the business (and politics) may believe that the playing field is level. However, it doesn’t take much digging to discover that black business leaders continue to face significant challenges. Former slaves Sojourner Truth and Booker T. Washington, civil rights activists Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., and pioneers in their fields like Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel to space, and Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play Major League Baseball, have all left an indelible mark on history. Keep reading to find 35 quotes from black leaders and personalities on how to succeed in every aspect of life.


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1. Just keep on moving ahead.

2. Racism has to be stopped.

3. We all must have a purpose in life.

4. Doing good for other people will give you joy.

5. Change it or adapt to it.

6. Stand up for injustice.

7. Slavery shouldn’t exist at all. One should be independent and have freedom.

8. Because all must have a moral compass.

9. Everyone learns through failures.

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10. All must be treated equally.

11. You are in charge of everything in your life. 

12. Be there for your friends not your enemies.

13. African Americans were brought to America against our will.

14. Because it shows the priorities of the government.

15. It is our duty to help other people.

16. Injustice cannot be tolerated. 

17. Anything is possible.


18. Success is a journey of ups and downs.

19. In order to be a champion, you must have a dream, a vision.

20. We all share one goal.

21. Always speak up for things you believe in.

22. Live life to the fullest.

23. Never stop learning.

24. We all need to have the vision to fly.

25. “Yes We Can!” –  Barack Obama

26. Always hope for light in the darkness.

27. Struggle makes you strong.

28. Experience make you wise.

29. Winning takes effort.

30. Which is very apt in very aspect.

31. Always be kind and leave an imprint on people’s minds.

32. It’s all in the journey and failures.

33. The government is constantly changing.

34. Your reaction to certain situations tells a lot about your character.

35. Protect your inner child.

Black leaders and personalities have been instrumental in shaping America’s business, political, and cultural landscape into what it is today. Since 1976, every president of the United States has declared February to be Black History Month, honouring the achievements and resilience of the African-American community. Hope these powerful quotes from Black leaders and personalities inspire you in the right way!

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