FB video downloader: a proven way to get fresh content

This top social network is handy not only for nourishing relationships with loved ones and following their updates. It has also been used as a content generation factory. If you haven’t considered the possibility of this content production and further reusing it yet, take a closer look. With the help of special services, each person will be able to save Facebook video from various internal channels.

What video channels are currently available on this social network?

The Watch library – here you can find TV shows, local movies, user-generated content, authored Facebook Series, and many other materials that your target audience may be interested to view. 

The Gaming library – streams by gamers are regularly published here and you can often find exciting moments in them. So the idea is to post this to your story or across other social networks. It may be engaging to see the exciting snippets. 

A video from the pages of users and from groups. FB users always publish top content on their page or in a private group – and this content can become a viral meme. As audience engagement grows by using video, you can take advantage of this opportunity to get content. 

In addition, when you reuse content, you can keep track of forms that work best. For example, when you are looking for clips to download on Facebook, pay attention to how many likes they gained. The higher audience engagement means it’s more likely your followers are to leave a comment on these videos. 

You can use Facebook videos to promote on other social networks – Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit and other sites. Let’s see how you can save any video, it’s very simple and much more effective than shooting content from water from scratch.

How to use a FB video downloader

Basically, any downloader is but a site that performs handy functions. For example, Bigbangram downloader is a proven tool that allows you to accumulate content not only from Facebook but from other social networks. 

This is very convenient because with the help of one site, a content manager can get a variety of content – photos, videos, music tracks from SoundCloud. This will allow you to produce relevant content without spending a lot of effort because you don’t have to come up with new ideas. 

All the downloaded materials will help you create a unique content piece. For example, you can download a video, apply a music track and publish this visual as Instagram Reels. Since this form of content is incredibly popular, it will attract a lot of views from the Explore page and this is a great chance for your Instagram account to get organic followers.


How do you extract a video file from Facebook? 

  • First of all, select several accounts of groups with suitable content from where you want to download videos. Before downloading a video, select several profiles from where you will be downloading regularly. By doing so, you facilitate the content strategy. 
  • When you find the video you need, go to the Share menu item. There you will find the Copy Link button. Also, if you are viewing the video from a web browser, you can copy the link in the address bar. The interface of the Facebook app changes often, so the instructions for copying links may be different. After copying, go to the downloader. Here you will see a standard search bar where you need to insert a link. So this downloader will find the media file that belongs to this link. 
  • After a few seconds of searching, the file opens on the screen of your device – mobile phone or computer. And below it will be a download button. After downloading, this video will be saved to the download folder on the browser on your computer or on your phone. 

It is simple and quick to get files in this way and the content is not squeezed out, so you won’t lose quality. Therefore, you can edit this content. And most importantly, do not forget to tag the account that is a creator and the author.

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