10 Best Feel Good Hindi Web Series That Will Make Your Stress Go Away!


We may have developed a second instinct for becoming engrossed in gory murder mysteries. However, after a challenging day, week, or even year all you feel like is staring intently into your laptop screen while binge-watching a comforting TV show or a cheery movie. We all know that watching classic romance or binge-worthy family dramas is the only true form of solace our hearts can find.  By doing this, you can instantly transport yourself into a world where your problems and worries from the real world don’t exist or matter. The good news is that streaming platforms are stuffed with uplifting TV shows that are definitely worth watching. Here are 10 best feel good Hindi web series that will make your stress go away!


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1. Yeh  meri family

Harshu, a middle child, manages school, family, friends, and other responsibilities while facing growing-up challenges in the summer of 1998. A perfect series to spend your weekend.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

2. Gullak

Gullak is a bunch of charming and relatable stories about the Mishra family, all of which are set in charming backstreets in the heart of India. An amazing family drama that you must watch.

Streaming on: SonyLiv

3. Little things

A couple in their 20s who live together navigates the highs and lows of work, contemporary relationships, and self-discovery in modern Mumbai.

Streaming on: Netflix

4. Immature

A five-episode series about the numerous first experiences that a young man has in his life.  Dhruv is 16 years old and eager to mature. Dhruv embarks on a mission to win over Chhavi, out of his league class topper, with a little assistance from his schoolmates.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

5. Feels like Ishq

This web series follows Young adults as they experience the range of emotions that come with finding love in unexpected places.

Streaming on: Netflix


6. Panchayat

Abhishek, a recent engineering graduate, struggles to land a position that suits him. Thus, he finds himself working for a panchayat in a far-off Indian village and faces a number of routine difficulties. This is definitely a feel good Hindi web series that should be on your watch list.

Streaming on: Amazon prime

7. Home Shanti 

A middle-class family has a genuine emotional desire to build a home. However, they face many ups and downs, and problems keep cropping up.

Streaming on: Hotstar

8. Tripling

A road trip is organized by three hopeless, divorced, and jobless siblings, Chanchal, Chitvan, and Chandan. They embark on a hilarious journey together to discover who they are and who they are related to.

Streaming on: Zee5

9. Baked

Three old friends from college get back together for a road trip to the hills, and each of them has a hidden agenda. Nothing goes as planned for the boys, who get lost in rural India, are mistaken for drug smugglers, and are eventually arrested.

Streaming on: Voot

10. Dil bekarar

Debjani, a laid-back English newsreader, and Dylan, a fiery journalist, are introduced in Delhi in the 1980s. It’s an ideal conflict with a lot of attraction.

Streaming on: Hotstar

This was our list of 10 best feel good Hindi web series that will make your stress go away. We hope you love watching these!

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