Five of the biggest and best mobile games in India right now


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 The Indian mobile games industry is experiencing somewhat of a purple patch at the moment. In fact, as an entertainment option, smartphone gaming is winning over new people on a daily basis, with estimates suggesting that the industry could be worth over $3.9 billion by 2025 and have roughly 650 million users. 

In terms of gaming options, the offering has never been so good. Many of the games are easily accessible and can be fired up within seconds. The sheer amount of genres dominating the overall mobile gaming world is quite remarkable too. For instance, the online casino gaming space has shown dramatic growth of late, with people discovering the benefits of playing casino games to win real money. Likewise, MOBAs (multiplayer battle arenas) are in demand also, serving up huge doses of action. Then there’s battle royale games, MMORPGs, digital collectable card games, and a whole lot more. Smartphone gamers certainly aren’t limited in terms of choice; put it that way. But, right now, what are the biggest and best mobile games in India? Let’s take a look at five below. All of the titles featured are available on both iOS and Android unless stated otherwise. 

Clash Royale

One of the biggest smartphone titles available, Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game where players are tasked with collecting and upgrading a large selection of cards in order to increase their chances of seeing off their rivals. From the makers of Clash of Clans, the game also gives players the opportunity to interact with friends in the hope that a clan can be formed and a battle community established as a result. In terms of strategy-based games, Clash Royale is fantastic. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

After recording one of the most successful mobile game launches in history, Call of Duty: Mobile has gone from strength to strength following a staggering 2019 which resulted in 270 million downloads and earnings of £330 million for the game’s developers. Offering action-packed mayhem through modes like battle royale, the game is one of the most entertaining titles on a mobile phone. Whether you’re alone, in a two-person team, or in a four-man squad, Call of Duty: Mobile is delightful.

Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush series of games has always been popular and is still going strong in 2021 after its initial release in 2012. Offering thousands of levels in what is an easy to grasp product, it makes for a fun and entertaining release, especially for casual mobile gamers. You can play with friends too, comparing your results by checking leaderboards as you aim to switch and pair sweets and advance through the game as far as possible.

8 Ball Pool

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Whether it’s in real life or in the virtual world, most people enjoy a session of pool every now and then. On mobile, 8 Ball Pool is undoubtedly the best offering of its type, enabling players to play against friends and rival players from around the world as they put their in-game coins on the line. The game is simple but offers a great deal of fun, particularly if you’re partial to the odd game of pool. 

Coin Master

Coin Master has managed to achieve global success, and it’s certainly a go-to option for many mobile gamers in India at the moment. A strategy game where coins help people invest in their villages in order to progress through the levels, the game tasks players with building their very own Viking empire. You’re able to loot from your rivals, trade various cards with the game’s online community, and plenty more. 

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