8 Funniest Indian College And School Names That Are Viral Than Memes!

Indian education institutes are mostly scared of their highly competitive entrance exams, heavy syllabus, strict teachers, uniforms, and even the last thing— campus placements. But, here we will crack into their heavily built image and talk about the funny aspects of the education system. Some schools and colleges give us a puzzle to solve— how did they come up with this name for the institution? One reason could be registering a name that is not already registered and another reason could be just about anything! Tell us which one is the craziest among the following 9 funniest Indian college and school names.

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1. School ka advertisement dene ka tarika thoda cazzzual hai….

2. Thank God it is not Hogwarts!

3. The bus or van or even Riksha looks not so ideal…

4. They are confused or want to confuse the parents of kids?

5. Their English is also literally out of the world!

6. So all the kids and teachers who think they are decent know where to go, because the rest of us aren’t?

7. Let me say this again— why has potty training become so important suddenly?

8. And, then they also say not to worry about your child!

Some of the kids will feel shy when someone asks them the names of their schools. Now, you know why they don’t remember their school names— because they don’t want to! And, I know these were just a handful of funniest Indian college and school names— because we desis have a jugaad for everything.

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