10 Funniest Indian Youtube Comments That Are Super Hilarious

We enjoy watching videos on Youtube but more often than not we don’t read the comments, which sometimes are more entertaining than the video itself. Well, don’t worry because we handpicked some of the funniest Indian youtube comments for you to enjoy and laugh at.

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1. New Torture Method?

Master Oogway reveals to us some of the newest torture methods used in CBI nowadays. Shouldn’t this stuff be top secret?

2. What happens in Jalsa stays at Jalsa 

I think this is in every family when the mom goes to sleep.

3. Best way to start your mornings

If you wake up in the morning listening to this, your day is going to be anything but better from this.

4. When your school principal is going on with his lecture

Remember when we used to stand in the assembly and the school principal would just go on and on and no one is even listening?

5. This was exactly the message Anand Rai intended through this film. 

This comment perfectly illustrates the Hindi metaphor of  “aage kua peeche khai”.

6. No Pappus were harmed in making this song

I totally agree with Mr. Bhardwaj, this society doesn’t recognize real talent and just makes fun of you. We all are Pappu in some way or another, #Pappulivesmatter.

7. Dean Dany spitting factz

I think this is one of those movies which Priyanka Chopra would pay extra to keep hidden so that it does not see the face of the Earth.

8. Sunidhi Chauhan>> Shakira

This guy is from the future, he already knows this song is going to be remade in Hindi and sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

9.  He is the real Jabra fan

Thus dude lives in a parallel universe where SRK is the one whose driver was driving on the footpath and Salman is the owner of KKR.

10. *Rapper

This is exactly why we have the auto-correct feature on our phone.


Bonus – Barely Speaking with Arnab

I’m pretty sure any viva would be better than this.


Youtube is a great platform to stream videos but sometimes the best content comes from the viewers themselves. So with that, we come to the end of this list of the funniest Indian youtube comments. We hope you enjoyed this list and are already laughing hard.

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