Like Bingo? Check Out These Funny Bingo Calls


Bingo is liked by everyone around the world. It gives many rewards and players use funny bingo calls and names. Bingo players are increasing day by day in the UK and dedicated players can find the best bingo sites on reliable comparison websites.

What Are Funny Bingo Calls?

There are many funny bingo calls such as two little ducks or 22 and two fat ladies or 88. By knowing these bingo calls, you will be able to play bingo and at the same time understand it. It seems difficult at first, but if you know how these bingo calls are put together, it will be easier.

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Traditional Bingo Calls

Take a look at some of the traditional bingo calls below:

1. Kelly’s Eye

2. One Little Duck

3. Cup of tea

4. Knock the door

5. Man alive

6. Tom mix

7. Lucky number seven

8. Garden gate

9. Doctor’s orders

10. Johnson’s den

11. Legs

12. One dozen

13. Unlucky for some

14. The lawnmower

15. Never been kissed

16. Goodbye teens

17. Key of the door

18. Two little ducks

19. The Lord is my shepherd

20. Knock at the door

21. Two and six, half a crown

22. Duck and a crutch

23. Two and eight, in a state

24. Burlington Bertie

25. Buckle my shoe

26. All the threes

27. Jump and jive

28. Three dozen

29. Droopy drawers

30. Danny La Rue

31. Here comes Herbie

32. House with a bamboo door

33. All the fives

34. Shotts bus

35. Heinz Beanz

36. The Brighton line

37. Tickety-boo

38. Stop work

39. Clickety click

40. Anyway up, Meal for two

41. Three score and ten

42. Bang on the drum

43. Six dozen

44. Queen bee

45. Hit the floor

46. Strive and strive

47. Trombones

48. Sunset strip

49. Heaven’s gate

50. One more time

51. Eighty and blank

52. Stop and run

53. Straight on through

54. Time for tea

55. Seven dozen

56. Staying alive

57. Between the sticks

58. Torquay in devon

59. Two fat ladies

60. Nearly there

61. Top of the shop

And more!

If you’re not aware of the funny bingo calls, don’t worry! We are here to tell you about some of the funniest bingo calls. However, bingo calls are not only limited to funny or traditional ones. Some players also use dirty bingo words.

These numbers are also known as alternative bingo calls or adult bingo calls. Players often use funny phrases that rhyme with a number. For instance, 30 is referred to as Dirty Girty. These calls are used to create a fun atmosphere in the bingo hall.

Another purpose of these funny bingo calls is to grab the attention of other players. In this way, the gameplay persists to be interesting and no number is repeated by other players. Some players also use rude bingo calls. These calls are accepted by most of the players while some may feel targeted. 


Now you know most of the funny bingo calls. Some are rhymed, some are created according to the shape of the words, and some are rude slangs. Go ahead and use them in your next game!




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