20 Bizzare & Funny Bollywood Movie Names That’ll Leave You ROFLing!

It’s no secret that filmmaking takes a lot of time. Actors, writers, directors, and hundreds of crew members spend months and sometimes even years making a film. And on top of it, it’s really, really expensive. So imagine pouring your heart and soul into a movie, and then naming it so terribly that one can’t get past it at all. Weird, right? Well, that’s what the makers of these movies did anyway. We honestly have no idea what some of these makers were thinking while naming these movies, or if they were thinking at all. With that, we bring you 20 funny Bollywood movie names that’ll leave you in splits!

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1. Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaayen

That’s what she said.

2. Test Tube Baby

I can’t get over the scary-looking child in the victorian dress.

3. Ghar Mein Ho Saali Toh Pura Saal Diwali 

Of all the things you should never say to your wife, this is what you shouldn’t say the most.

4. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola 

I really want to know the chain of thoughts that led to the birth of this beautiful name.

5. Dilruba Tangewali 

Guess who saves up on Uber every single month? This guy.

6. Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein 

When you forget to pay your electricity bill –

7. Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Mein 

This is what happens when medical students get their classes from Zoom.

8. Allah Meherbaan Toh Gadha Pehalwan 

I mean, they’re not wrong.

9. Tu Bal Bramhachari Main Hoon Kanya Kunwari 

Imagine introducing yourself like this in day-to-day situations.

10. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana 

When you are out of names so you put random words together and hope it works.

11. Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath 

If Iron Man was born in India.

12. Raja Rani ko Chahiye Paseena 

I almost don’t want to know why.

13. Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi

Making films is an art but naming them probably isn’t.

14. Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty 

Come again?

15. Guru Suleman Chela Pehalwan 

I really don’t understand how these two are remotely related.

16. Salim Lange Pe Mat Ro 

Critically acclaimed movie, hilariously bad choice for a name.

17. Sasti Dulhan Mehenga Dulha 

When you’re not just in the market for marriage, you’re in the market for marriage.

18. Lashtam Pashtam 

Random noises that happen to be words.

19. Do Ladke Dono Kadke 

Okay, this is actually relatable.

20. Jal Bin Machhli Nritya Bin Bijli

Not all metaphors work, but this one works overtime.

Did you find these funny Bollywood movie names as strange as we did? Comment below to tell us which one sounded the strangest to you!

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