19 Super Funny All Time IPL Meme Templates That’ll Crack You Right Up!

When BCCI started the Indian Premiere League in 2007, it may not have imagined the scale the event would achieve in just a couple of years. Millions of cricket fans tune into their TV sets (and mobile phones these days) every year to watch their favourite cricket players fight it out in the field, making the IPL a weeks-long spectacle. With so much going on, there is no dearth of humor either, with fun moments happening every now and then that make fans pay even more attention.

Here are 19 super IPL meme templates that’ll crack you right up.

1. My best friend beating me up on my birthday because he loves me:

2. Me asking for my elder brother’s aashirwaad to piss him off:

3. When your best friend comes for the class even though he said he would not:

4. When the teacher wouldn’t finish the class even though it’s lunch time:

5. Me waiting for mummy to bring me chips from the grocery store:

6. When your crush asks you to set her up with your best friend:

7. Me after doing two push ups and a squat:

8. When your Amazon order comes a day before it was supposed to:

9. When two people you hate get into a fight and you and your BFF must discuss every detail on the phone:

10. My friend and I exchanging our answer papers when the teacher isn’t looking:

11. When the client asks for a revision for the 6th time:

12. When your BFF is attracted to a fuckboy even though you told her he’s full of crap:

13. When mummy is beating the shit out of my younger brother and I don’t want to be next:

14. When it’s the last day of the exam and you low-key don’t even want to write the paper anymore:

15. Me missing the deadline by two months and then asking my professor if he’s ok with it:

16. When your classmate answers back to the Hitler of a teacher and you can’t help but feel proud:

17. Me and my cousin betting about which mausaji will end up most drunk after ghar ki shaadi:

18. Section B boys staring at the Section A guy who scored the hottest girl in their class: 

19. When mummy says lunch pe lauki ki sabzi bani hai:

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