24 Funny Maths Memes That Score Big Time


You can either love math or absolutely hate it. There’s no middle ground for this one. Spending sleepless nights before exams with your nose buried in equations and then spending years of adulthood wondering what could you possibly use the Pythagorean theorem for sums it up for most of us. And of course, occasionally you come across the legends who actually enjoy the subject enough to carry on with it even when they have the choice not to. Well, love it or hate it, what math did for sure left us with experiences for life… so much so that we ended up doing what this generation does best – making memes out of it!  So, scroll down to see 24 funny maths memes that will definitely have you reminiscing about the good old days when finding the correct answer to a sum was the biggest worry you had.

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1. Tere bhai jaisa koi hard hi nahi hai.


2. So relevant!

3. Give this kid a medal

4. Not just math:P

5. Feeling attacked?

6. This is  literally me.

7. me after every exam.

8. What a way!

9. It sucks!

10. Modern problem, modern solutions.

11. Still thinking about this.


12. You guys have friends???

13. That escalated quickly.

14. gaye paise paani me.

15. Damn that probability.


17. The pain is real.

18. I will start using this.

19. But Y?

20. Teacher: gajab bezzati hai yaar 😛

21. Me Vs Pythagoras

22. When you Solve a Maths problem 3 times and get a different answer each time

23. The characters in Math problems are absolutely insane!

24. Maths Classwork vs Maths Test


You definitely found those hilarious, right? Because we know we did. After all, this is probably the only subject that can make for a great conversation starter. You could bond with someone over your mutual love or hatred for it, or argue with them on why the subject should or shouldn’t exist. Either way, math never really leaves you be, does it? Much like that ‘x’, it is always so keen on finding the value of…

Hope you enjoyed seeing these 24 funny maths memes that had us snickering. Let us know in the comment section which ones from these were your favourites!

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