20 Funny Memes On Girls That Will Have You Giggling

Who runs the world? – well… girls may not be running the world just yet, but they sure do have the potential to. After all, if someone can keep going in this world, regardless of what it throws at them, and put up with such a lot of patriarchal bullshit without giving up, you have to give them credit. Us girls, fight this constant battle of meeting society’s expectations without giving up on our individuality – every day is a struggle when you have to prove yourself every step of the way. Girls have their own struggles and victories, large and small. To celebrate all of that and much more, here are 20 funny memes on girls that will either make you go “That’s so me!” or will definitely make you think of the women in your life.


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1. Short horror story.

2. Who cares?

3. Just stay away!

4. I don’t want publicity.

5. OMG! Yesssss.

6. Every single time.


8. Tell me. Tell me na. Tell me right now.

9. All the time. HAHAHAHA.

10. Can’t keep calm.

11. *starts crying*

12. *playing the sad song in the background*

13. Always happens.

14. Oh shit! STOP IT.

15. Googles: How to handle the fame?

16. It’s over for me.


18. Damn right.

19. Wholesome moment.

20. Saddest reality ever.

Memes Courtesy: Onlygirlmemes on Instagram.   

From struggling to choose the perfect lip colour to try to carve out a life of your own, girls never really do have it easy. With that, there’s a fair share of fun – what tops the list is getting to have a gang of friends, or should we say the sisters, for life who have your back no matter what. Female friendships may have gotten a bad rap among a lot of us, but only those who have a girl as their best friend will know the lengths they can go to be there for you. Here’s to all the girls out there, who fight every day to make it big in a man’s world. Hope you enjoyed the 20 funny memes on girls we compiled for you. Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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