21 Funny Signboards That Can Be Found Only In India

How do you know you are in India? Well, besides the noise, insane amount of people everywhere and the funny smells, it is the WTF signboards that you’d come across on our streets that serve as a constant reminder of you being in India. Sometimes it is the mutilation of the queen’s language that results in the LOLs, while in other cases it is the ludicrous nature of these signboards that leaves you ROFL-ing. Here are 21 of the most inexplicable (and hilarious) signboards we’ve come across in our great country.

1) Nope, this is not a pot-shot at a “healthy” spouse. They’re talking real elephants.

2) Ditch Tinder. This is where you go to pick up the ladies.

3) Maybe this is some form of contraception?

4) What about those who like their tea solid?

5) Anyone up for a child bear?

6) Find the perfect fit for your tits here!

7) Ladies, this is where you find them.

8) I am not sure if this kind of a place is legal.

9) Ladies wearing trousers on their arms are allowed though.

10) I suggest steering clear of this salon.

11) Speaking of salons, this one has an interesting array of services.

12) How heavy are we talking?

13) This one might hurt a bit.

14) That’s an honest signboard.

15) If you’re having trouble finding a match, buy this house that comes with a family.

16) Frogs for sale!

17) That’s a harsh warning!

18) What’s for dinner? Hot tiger!

19) What kinda sicko likes to taste these?

20) Single and looking? Buy yourself a bride here!

21) And finally, this restaurant where you can devour some sweet sweet cum!

Our stomachs hurt from the laugh riot these signboards are. You keep doing you, India!

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