21 Tweets About Rahul Gandhi That Are Funny AF


Some people are born leaders and others are born into families of leaders. We all know which category our dear Rahul Gandhi falls in. Despite all good intentions, pretty much every word that comes out of RaGa’s mouth becomes fuel for endless jokes among Twitterati. And with the 2019 elections right around the corner, RaGa has taken a break from watching “Chhota Bheem” and is all rallies and speeches. Soon enough though, the nasty folks on Twitter (also known as comics) will start circling jokes around him. Until then let us take you through some of the most hilarious side splitting tweets ever made on RaGa. These make us wonder iske acche din kab aayenge?


1. Baal Divas!

2. Twitter is a mean, mean place.

3. One of the most well-formed tweets you’ll see today.

4. “Mubarak ho!”

5. Just a little self-obsessed….just a teeny tiny bit.

6. Well, the entire country facepalmed though.

7. LOL.

8. From junior B to junior G.

9. When @officeofRG was created.


10. Gotta catch‘em all!

11. Bol RaGa bol, sangam hoga ke nahin?

12. While on the Roadshow.

13. Well..

14. What RaGa says can only be decoded by him.

15. Abki baar, pidi sarkar.

16. That’s one way to put it.

17. Honest predictions.

18. Ek teer se do nishaaney.

19. Poor US.

20. He has always been awake.

21. Rahul is all of us.

Rahul beta, if nothing else, we love your ‘never give up’ attitude. Here’s wishing all the very best to you for Lok Sabha elections and speeches and twitter and life at large.

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