Games Are Getting Longer and Longer – Is This a Good Thing?


If you are a fan of video games, you’ve probably noticed how much longer today’s games last. A few years ago, players could complete a game in a few hours, and now, it may take a couple of days, if not more. So, it is a fact that games are getting longer, but is this a good thing for players? 

 It depends on several factors, but most players like that game inventors and developers invest more to ensure they have a positive experience. The longer the game is for someone, the more engaging and fun it is. 

 Even online games on 918Kiss and other platforms started following this trend and made their games longer and more interactive. 

Why Players Love Longer Games 

Long video games give players countless hours of fun. While some might say that today people have busy schedules and don’t have hours to spend on a video game, others will disagree. Finding a longer game saves time because you don’t have to scroll around and compare different games just to find one you like. 


While short video games are still attractive in the gaming world, experts predict that longer games will be much trendier. That is why big-name developers and famous developers focused on creating engaging games with a longer story and playtime. 

The Longest Video Games of All Time 

If you are new to the gaming world, but like the concept of a long video game, you probably wonder which are the most extended games of all time. Here are some of the longest games that players find fun and interactive. 

  •     Fallout – New Vegas: It is a relatively new game, with a playtime of 30+ hours. If you want to explore the desert wastelands and see Vegas from a different perspective, this is the perfect game for you. 
  •     Divinity – Original Sin: It is one of the most extended games that give players the freedom to create a unique character. With a playtime of 50 hours, you won’t get bored completing missions or messing around with your playmates. 
  •     Baldur’s Gate: If you are into classic video games, you will fall in love with Baldur’s Gate. The game is an inspiration for many modern games, including Pillars of Eternity. Going through the main quest of the game will take 70 hours, so you can expect 100+ hours by completing all side quests. 
  •     Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy will take your imagination to a different level. It is one of the most interactive and longest games of all time. You are looking at a minimum of 100 hours of playtime. 
  •     Persona 5: Compared to other games, Persona might have the longest game in terms of main story and completion time. Going through the side quests and playing the game without any help or guidance will take you at least 100 hours. If you want to get all social links, you are looking at 150 hours (easy level) and 250 hours (difficult level). 

 Have you played any of these games? What’s your favorite? 

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