18 Gangs Of Wasseypur Meme Templates That Will Make Any Fan’s Day


A movie that gained a cult status amongst its fans, Gangs of Wasseypur is one of the must-watch Bollywood movies of recent times. The unique script, music, dialogues and plot of the movie powered by stellar performances by its cast made it a unique experience for the audiences. Gangs of Wasseypur meme templates have been loved by the memers, twitteratis and online audiences as much as the movie.

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We bring you 18 hilarious Gangs Of Wasseypur Meme templates to describe news events and everyday life situations.

1. Rashi bahu puts empty cooker on gas
Kokila ben: 

2. When you accidentally share a porn clip in the family whatsapp group

3. *Exam day*
Class topper: Kuch nahi padha iss baar toh.
Whole class: 

4. When front benchers bunk a class
Back benchers: 

5. Other IPL teams’ fans asking RCB fans to watch RCB’s death over bowling

6. When a Non-vegetarian eats veg Briyani for the first time

7. Government: Kal se lockdown khatam.

8. Class: Sir, aage se koi bhi badmaashi nahi karega, please don’t complain to the principal
Back benchers: 

9. Chai to Dalgona coffee after the lockdown is over.


10. Dad: Abhi Dadhi bhi nahi aayi fir razor kyun chalaya?
14 year old me: 

11.  When phone apps start updating automatically
Mobile data: 

12. When your pet dog barks at you in front of the guests

13. Q: What happens when you ask a guy from a boys school to talk to a girl

14. When your best friend pranked you by making a fake id of a girl

15. Kokila ben asking Gopi Bahu- “Rasode me kaun tha?”

16. Me and my gang when someone says,Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma show is overrated.

17. Me: Yeh baat humare beech me hi rehni chahiye
My friends after 5 mins:

18. When 14 years old kid says, love hurts

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Did we miss out on any of your favorite Gangs of Wasseypur meme templates? Do let us know in the comments below and we will add it to this list!

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